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Annoying Injury.... Advice?


wussup guys n gals? I’ve had the same injury on both sides of my chest over the last couple years, and it sucks. It’s only happened twice-- once last year, and once this year. This year it happened when i launched into a set of heavy weighted dips, perhaps without warming up or stretching enough beforehand. At the lowest part of the dip, i felt a tearing sensation in that muscle/tendon/whatever that connects the pectoral to the front of the arm (see photo). It’s pretty painful and prevents me from doing a buttload of key exercises, like benchpress and widegrip pullups hurt like a bitch too. I can rest it a week and it’ll feel fine, but as soon as i try some heavy weights it goes back to the day i tore it. This makes it really hard to know when i should attempt a heavy lift again.
Has anyone else ever gotten this injury? If so, do you know any good ways to prevent and/or treat it? such a pain in the ass. thanks.

Ive dealt with that same injury twice in the past, and I’m actually recovering from the third occurence of it.

First off, I would suggest you see a sports medicine doctor to have it checked out - find out how serious it is, how long you should rest it, etc. It’d probably be a good idea to get some phyiscal therapy, to help it heal faster, and properly.

It definitely sounds like a minor tear - mine usually happens around the pec/tendon junction…may be the same case for you.

And for the bad news - plan on resting your chest for a solid month (aside from rehab type exercises with very light weights). I can almost promise that if you screw around any earlier than that, you’re going to reinjure it and start all over.

Give yourself a week to 10 days before you do any heavy upper body stuff. If it hurts your pec to do pulldowns, try a closer grip or focus more on rows. Since you can’t do much pressing horizontally, focus more on shoulder pressing. IF you keep your delts & tris strong, your bench strength wont diminish much even after severals months of no direct chest training. (although that may not be true for everyone - I personally use a closer than avg grip when doing most chest movements)

And remember to ice the injured area, and take some anti-inflammatories to help the healing process.
Good luck!

Yeah, I don’t know jack, but anything minor takes at least a week to get better and anything major takes at least a month.

See if you can find some strategies for muscle retention while you heal up the wing.

After healing, look into building supporting tissue strength, instead of maximum muscle strength, from time to time.

thanks guys… vroom, would,does working on supporting tissue mean just training with lighter weights?

i’ve rested completely for about two and a half weeks, aside from a few pushups which agitated a little but not much. today was my first day trying to perform a press in the gym since i injured it, and i used a little lighter than usual, and skipped my 5th and final set because although it didn’t feel too bad, i could almost feel it creeping up and didn’t wanna risk ruining my upper body workouts for the rest of the week. maybe a month of rest is about right…