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Annoying Article!


The line that really annoyed me is this one:
Chris Crandall, a psychology professor at the University of Kansas who has tracked attitudes toward the overweight for the last 20 years, said
“To reduce anti-fat prejudice, we have to tell people how much the problem is due to genetics and physiology and how it has less to do with willpower,” he said. "

As a FFB, I am going to give in to genetics and physiology - I am canceling my gym membership and going to the all you can eat buffet!!

Yeah, it’s not my fault I’m fat! I’ll just eat donuts all day! After all there is nothing I can do about it! I choose to just fold the hand I was delt. I’ll just lay down and die then.

I wonder if there has ever been a study between the relation to obesity and self-esteem? And they say we have to accept others if they are fat? Why? They obviously don’t even accept themselves.

Sounds like the professor’s trying to turn obesity into the new alcoholism by classifying it as a disease that will power has no control over.


You guys are all wrong. Thousands of years of evolution have happened within the past 20 years, and now we’re all suddenly predisposed to obesity.

We should also be more tolerant of cancer and terrorists.


Chris Crandall LOVES the fat chicks!

Crandall probably sits on his ass all day and weighs 400 himself. 20 years of research collected? The time he spent in line since 1985 at Dairy Queen. Sadly, its probably THOUSANDS of hours worth of research.

Genetics? How many of these thousands of people showed him photos of themselves since birth every year. Wanna hear bad genetics? My female cousin was born weighing 14.9 lbs. THATS bad genetics. And she was a fat kid all her life. Even diagnosed very early on with thyroid problems (for obvious reasons).

That little fat girl still went on to lose weight. Assured, she’ll never be stealth and sleek looking to be sure, but she also has some half assed Slim Fast diet and cardio craze going all the time. After being born with terrible, god awful genes and hormone problems and follwing terrible, god awful training/diet advice she can still manage to control her weight and lose here and there if she really applies herself to it.

I will personally donate money to whatever bullshit organiation Chris Crandall likes to help support in between rounds of beating himself off if he can take 100 of the fat assed, lazy mother fuckers walking around us, (Bet you could gather them up in an hour. They’re seem to be a lot and none of them move very fast) and place them on a sound nutritional program ala Dr. Berardi and a sound training program for beginners off of this website. Put them through it for 12 weeks (do it at gunpoint for all I care. Just make sure what needs to be done gets done.) and if you are able to hand me 5 who have lost no fat whatsoever, I’ll send you a check.

Until then, how about at least doing research on something that could at least be a believable excuse for these halfwits, like how society isn’t set up to allow us to eat 6 times a day and go to the gym, or how if we all got a SIESTA in this country during the middle of the day suddenly we’d all be better off because of our enhanced CNS recovery.

Quit, however, researching prejudice against the obese. Don’t worry about it. Very soon, the obese will be the majority and you can all sit amongst yourselves at little bake sales and desert parties and ridicule us for our “‘non plus sized’ genetics”. Prejudice against fat people? Fuck fat people.

And sadly, not for being fat. If you’re fat and its cool, cool. People I know most like this…Middle aged football fans. They come into the bar, get shitty, drop their guts on the table and ask me how their “ab” looks when I tell them it’s a protein shake I’m drinking, in reponse to their query about the “weird lookin shit I’m drinkin.” They eat large quantities of food, and don’t give a damn. Good for them. They’re fat, they know why their fat and they could care less. Whatever gets you through the day. Ask one of these guys if their ‘personal body image is in crisis’ and they’ll laugh in your face.

But FUCK the fat people who have made this thing into the media frenzy it is. We’re in the middle of an “obesity epidemic” now folks. Because all these people are claiming to be unhappy with their bodies and want to change it but cant because of their genetics, because of the fast food industry, etc. No, we’re in the middle of a laziness epidemic.

And the landscape in this country is my proof. We can all agree with the very simple economics law of supply and demand right? In fact, I believe its pretty much the way the world has always worked. Now go drive around your city twice. On your first trip, count every fast food place you see. On your second, every gym, training facility, fitness center, rec center and dojo combined. What do the numbers look like? It you who put them there asshole! These people are acting like McDonalds was sent on us as the second Plague and we have no control over its eventual world domination. It’s a meal! Nothing more, nothing less. Eat 2 Big Macs with 3 orders of fries and an apple pie, or eat some lean steak, mixed nuts and blueberries. It’s your choice.

I am, however, taking away your choice to make the obviously unhealthy choice, day in day out, not make any attempts at real training, and then sit around and bitch about how you can’t look like we do. FUCK YOU. That’s not your choice anymore.

ATTENTION LAZY PEOPLE- You no longer have the right to sit around and take away the accomplishments we have created with our bodies, however big or small, by throwing it off as our genetics that make us look that way and how much “easier it is for us and not for you”. THAT’S the prejudice here. That you’re trying to take away what we have all worked so hard for to make your own laziness excusable in your minds.

Research that, Crandall.


the best explanation i have ever heard of why people eat like they do, is that

“we challenge our biology every day, with the type and frequency of food intake. coupled with humans inherent liking of anything that is easy (humans will generally do the most simple, lazy thing…we use washing machines as opposed to hand wash, we push our balance to one end of the scale, without seasonal change of fluctation. Our bodies are always telling “eat…it’s good, eat it all” but in reality our lifestyles have overtaken our evolution, and we abuse the systems that have been set up for survival.”


Those are HUGE glasses, like my old ones, but he doesn’t look fat. I suspect he just doesn’t have a good grasp on the biology of the situation. And, in truth perhaps his quote is accurate when applied to a subsection of the population - person A and person B may eat and (not) exercise the exact same way, but person A’s genetic disposition may cause them to have much more fat gain (so in previous years, they were gonna survive the famine). So, compared to B, it is the ‘fault’ of their genetics. But compared to what people should be like (our def’n) they are both lazy bastards who need to get up and do something!

[quote]carter12 wrote:
Sounds like the professor’s trying to turn obesity into the new alcoholism by classifying it as a disease that will power has no control over.



Been done.
When someone asks me what they can do to get rid of their gut I tell them “Four words - GET OFF YOUR ASS”.
I’m not real tolerant of laziness.
Now we’re not only victims of our upbringing, but we’re victims of our genetics. Fuck that.