Annoying Article About Protein Requirements

I actually hate alternet, yet I keep reading it. Perhaps I should just stop. Either way, I thought that I’d share an annoying article with the board.

I just really hate selective quotations and biased reporting.

I have nothing against vegetarianism or veganism, just this article, and most articles that this author writes.

So yeah…discuss!

yes protein is bad for you and will make your kidneys explode, evolution and genetic history be damned

instead one should chow down 500 grams of starchy carbs because everyone needs a little more insulin resistance in their diet

and remember fat is bad (side effects of zero fat: no energy, no sexual drive, no strength, depression, etc.)

I wonder if Mike Mahler knows he was selectively quoted in such an asinine article.

Well, obviously fats should be used sparingly, so we’ll designate another 10% of total calories to fats. So if our caloric intake comes from 80% carbs we will all be skinny and live forever? Riiiiiiight.

How much does General Mills have their hands in all this nonsense?

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
How much does General Mills have their hands in all this nonsense?[/quote]

Hey, leave my Lucky Charms alone. They have Whole Grains goddamnit!

and quality whole grain high fructose corn syrup

Not exactly sensational journalism. Most of the points are true, albeit unpopular to the meat-eating crowd (and yes I am a carnivore). The Dean Ornish quote notes that “particularly excessive animal protein” is what can lead to the bad things mentioned. I think a higher protein diet is fine for most and will not hurt the Kidneys but if you think that someone overeating animal protein (mainly red meat) has zero effect on their Kidneys you are fooling yourself and I have seen too many gout cases to believe that there is no consequence.

The lamest claim in the article is that the one guy Robert Cheeke is the “bodybuilder.” Did you click on to his site? Jeeezus at least Mike Mahler is freakin strong.

i wonder if the writer knows that Tony Gonzalez and Robert Cheeke both supplement their diets with protein shakes. vegan ones sure, but protein shakes all the same. Doesn’t that just tell him/her that protein is a necessity? what a dumb ass

I dated a girl in college who was a vegetarian. Her doctor actually had her supplementing her diet with protein shakes because she would otherwise have been defficient.


Vegetarianism seriously depleted my health.

“The way Americans obsess about protein, you’d think protein deficiency was the number one health problem in America. Of course it’s not – it’s not even on the list of the ailments that doctors are worried about in America or any other countries where basic caloric needs are being met.”

It may not be #1 overall, but in the hospital setting it is HUGE!!! The amount of people I see in the hospital with malnutrition due to decreased protein intake and decreased visceral protein status is ridiculous, what is even worse is the fact that 70-80% of the people with these problems die in the hospital becuase Doctor’s, who know everything about everything, miss to simply look at the patient and see that they have no muscle mass and are a severve health risk. In my opinion everyone can stand to eat more protein and build more muscle, its shows in the literature the more muscle mass you have going into old age the better off you are.

There is no mention of how the sedentary lifestyle of many Americans accelerates all of the health problems �??linked�?? to meat. Shit �?? Orange Juice can KILL you if you drink enough of it. For that matter water can too.

Here are a few “links” to heatlh problems that should be explored:

How many people do corn subsidies kill through out the world? How about cotton subsidies?

You can make numbers say anything you want. Eat whatever you want. We are all worm food in the end. I hope I don’t give those little bastards indigestion.

i think this article just proves, in my eyes, just how stupid vegan and vegetarian diets are.

No offense to vegan and veggies intended mind.

I was just thinking:

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a way that the author could be challenged to take in 10% of her vegan diet as protein, and do it consistently for a year or two, and report back on her quality of life?

To add onto that, there should be two further challenges:

After doing the above challenge, then follow up the next year or two eating 20-30% protein on a vegan diet, and report quality of life.

Finally, eat 20-30% on an omnivore diet, and report back.

It would be interesting to see the results of this.