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Annoyed with Blood Pressure at Docs

Every since I was in my 20’s when I go to the doctor my BP has always spiked. I purchased an omiron home wrist reader over this issue. I take it a few times a week at night and my readings are usually 120/60 -130/70.

Today I went to donate blood and was actually turned away. I had a horrible day at work and could feel how agitated I was. The drive home was a drive from hell and when the nurse took my readings it was 160/102… 155/104. I live right down the street from the blood drive so I got home and put my home cuff on… thinking this would show if the thing is calibrated. It showed 163/102 and 161/100… SO it appears to be reading accurately.

My questions are is this normal ? When I was younger my primary doctor used to use a larger cuff because he said using a normal one on someone muscular can raise the results. These have all been normal sized cuffs.

I am on TRT and hoping this has nothing to do with it… but honestly for the last few months every single night i check it I am perfect.

No. That is high. You’d have to consult a doctor about whether periodic bouts due to accute stressor like work and driving are harmful or dangerous, and what you can do about it. Cuz the numbers you put up there are scary and could indicate other very serious underlying conditions.

For reference:
Mine reads at high (140’s-160)/ (mid 80’s) During Exercise when nearing max. heart rate, but that’s also being controlled by medication, with significant damage to the left ventricle and 4 stents.

At rest it’s usually 104/mid 60’s.


I def need to go to my doctor. Last time I was there she told me to take it once a night and see what it is. It never got higher than 130/70. I got home from the blood place and was 160/100 or around there every time i took it. Just got done working out and running… figured I would take it again 133/78 My worry is what will blood pressure medication do to me if I only have spikes at certain times and am normal most of the other times ?

You definitely need to investigate further, but white coat syndrome is a real thing. Last time I went to my physician I got a high reading and I’ve ALWAYS had 110/70, and I had to go back a couple days later for some stuff and got a normal reading. Your readings are quite high, so there definitely might be something else at play, but psyching yourself out isn’t helping.


You might also want to try getting the one for the arms. The wrists are usually crap. Even something from Costco will do

How old are you now?

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Too high, go see a cardiologist and get tested

That was my worry, too, but it turns out the medication was going to do a lot less negatives than the uncontrolled hypertension.

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Just turning 41 next week

I always suspected that… until yesterday. The blood drive was at a church 500 ft from my house. As soon as they told me I was 160/100 something i went home… and put the wrist one on… and continued to get the exact same readings. Last night before bed It was 118/78 and this morning 130/82 when I woke up.

I’ve been pretty much in your exact situation, except I’m only 28. My BP was always high but OK, and my entire family has high BP. Mine started creeping up and when I was 23 I had a spike so bad that my eyes hurt so I went to the clinic at work. Reading was 178/116. Clinic PA said I needed to get to my doc right away. BP was kinda high at doc that day and at follow-up, like 145/90-95 so they put me on meds. Lisinopril first, which gave me the dreaded dry cough. Then Losartan which was pretty manageable for side effects. Lowest possible dose of each.

Fast forward to November 2020 and I switched docs. Asked about trying to come off and she said to stop but that I’d really have to work at it to stay off. So I added cardio 3 days a week - running, sled drags, circuits - and was extremely consistent. Cut back on booze and ate better. Followed up with doc in a month and BP was lower than it was even with meds. I haven’t had any spike events since. I also do my best to work through stress, anger, and anxiety (all have been issues for me my entire life) so they don’t cause adverse effects.

TL;DR - BP meds will help in the short term, and the low dose you would require shouldn’t cause any life-altering side effects. You need to get to your doc though - I let mine go too long and my eyes are likely permanently fucked up from the pressure. In parallel with going on meds you should bust ass on cardio and clean up eating/alcohol. Once you get into that habit try working with your doc to come off. Best of luck!

Edit to add that I have been lifting seriously since I was 19 (though I neglected cardio pretty bad) and still had issues pop up. I think that if you’re prone to high BP you need to do both cardio and lifting to maintain it.


Regardless of diet or fitness level, mine was always 150-160 / 75 after I turned 40. I actually asked to go on meds rather than wait for something bad to happen. At 55 yoa, mine is under control pretty good. Working 3rd shift plays a big role in mine. When I take a vacation and sleep normal for 8-10 days, it goes way down.
I could never stand the diuretic meds though, they make me weak as hell.

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To me sounds like the issue is the sleeve. You’re right, they need a larger one for muscular people. Same thing happened to me, until I finally found a doc with common sense and used the sleeve for “overweight” people.

I have an appointment with my primary care doc to see what’s going on. I do not know if I should be on meds. Last night I took it several times 120/65 was the average. It actually hit 115/57 one reading. Maybe trying to deal with aggravation better will help.


Great plan man. I think you should talk to him about everything, including his thoughts on the XL cuff. I’m pretty stubborn about not wanting my BP meds, too, but a stroke is a very real possible outcome when we don’t deal with these things.

I should add, not that I think you’d do this, but don’t let some internet genius tell you “you don’t need X; what does a doctor know; do lions take blood pressure meds??”


Since getting that reading I have been researching what could possibly cause those spikes and discovered my diet is ridiculously low in potassium and high in sodium.

I eat meat… and rice… with a few servings of veggies here and there. I added 2 bananas a day to my diet and threw in some aged garlic extract. My readings continue to drop and are staying much more consistent. This morning I was 112/62… and the highest I saw today was 130/65.

Another side benefit is the banana’s seem to suck the water weight out of you. In short I’m an idiot and thought meat and rice could sustain me and my health.

Still heading to the docs on Friday.


Potatoes are great too. Whole, not like French fries & stuff. As is pumpkin puree (pumpkin protein shakes).

But yeah, that’s a great observation on sodium vs. potassium as it relates to BP. In my own study of it I’ve found that most people’s is almost exactly upside down.


@Koestrizer didn’t you have white coat hypertension?

Wow @smash10033 at 41 you should not be experiencing these white coat events. Something is going on that is panicking you at the docs. Do you know what that could be? What has you so spunup?

That’s correct. I was actually a participant for a study on white coat hypertension. So it absolutely is a thing.
To clarify: I am not panicking at the doctor’s office. If anyone has to be used to being in there, it’s me, haha.
The thing to do in that case is a 24h blood pressure measurement.

With your readings I would absolutely get it checked with a 24h measurement in any case.

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