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Annoyed. Goblet Squat is Beastly but No Carryover

i do them for a couple weeks and they get stronger and easier then switch to barbell squats and they feel shitty. i dont get any carryover in technique nothing at all. wtf. arent they supposed to help the barbell squat??help please.

They are two different animal…yes they will work similar muscles . BUT the mechanics of the two movements are slightly different.

Help learn depth and a little mobility sure but how did you expect it to compare to having weight of any kind across your upper back

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Yeah, i think people over look little details like that all the time.

Please everyone, stop taking powerlifting advice from physical therapists and movement “experts”. If you need to be able to squat correctly you need to put a bar on your back and squat - period. Al this other crap - goblet squats, split squats, zercher squats, etc can be used to aid the squat but when you begin to substitute this stuff for the squat you get into trouble. Squatting is a skill which needs to be practiced. When I see Andy Bolton, Benedikt, Koklaev, Konstantinovs, doing goblet squats, then maybe I may think about using them. You have limited training time and recovery ability, why waste it with stuff that doesn’t carry over. That’s my rant. KISS principle always.

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