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Announcing You are Using Steroids Legal?


As the title states, I am just curious. How is this ok if it is against the law?


Same as saying you are a drug addict . The law does not prosecute you if substance is IN your system . But it will prosecute if you are in possession of it . But your employer may shit can you if you fail drug test .


So how can people legally say on this message board that they are about to start running their own cycle and doing it on their own? And more than that, how is it ethical for college athletes to come on here and state what they are taking? Is this good publicity?


The only ethically wrong part of doping in sports is denying it, everyone dopes - at all levels of skill. Fans demand super-human achievements, sponsors pay and respect can be gained. What do you think people are willing to do, to stay away from injuries, even if it increases their odds of winning? The only thing that is unfair in all of this is nature


You're a liar and a cheater.


Drainage, maybe you should make some argument instead of shitstorming. by all means expose my "lies" and why am i a cheater?
make an argument instead of throwing shit you idiot


I think the law just turns a blind eye to it. Personally, I feel better the State Police are spending more time on drunk driving check points then some dude trying to bench 400 lbs. Not to say steroids do not have there impact on society, it's just not at the top of the list.

Some guys that are here have obtained their testosterone legally through a doctor and "stockpiled". Other drugs, (i.e. AI and serums) are obtained legally through CR companies.

As for your later question of the ethics; that will grow legs here so be prepare for that.


it should be noted that i dont respect drug use in beauty pageants like bodybuilding. my comment is about drug use in sports where performance matters


Steroids should be legal. They are not harming anyone, just myself. I am not becoming some useless piece of crap that happens with other other drugs(heroine and crystal meth coming to mind). I am just becoming bigger and stronger. So, why the hell would anyone cares? Steroids should be legal, and should be allowed in competition.


I think the problem is lack of knowledge regarding how to use. How awesome would it be if you can take a 3-4 hour course and take a quick test and get a steroid licence. You can use this license to legally buy steroids. And like alcohol and cigs you have to be over X age to buy legally. I think that would eliminate a lot of the negatives associated with use.


Definitely. But, since steroids are already illegal and since there is no evidence on what their side effects truly are (we know from experience, there are almost zeros studies done, especially on substances like tren, boldenone, dbol, rbol, anadrol etc).

So, in order to these seminar to exist, we must first do studies on each substance, for a period of months, with different dosages. This would take years. But yes, I totally agree with you on the taking a course part. But, it is just not doable.


Beauty padgent? I bet you work at planet fitness don't you


you find that likely, isnt that the place where the fetish endorsing people go? id like to see you reason that bb is about performance, its not athletic and its not functional. in most cases people dope to be better at their sport, but behind bodybuilding there is no sport - just doping.

they are not strong, they have no endurance - what do they have? looks, they are measured/judged for their look and there fore a beauty pageant.

and no i train in the heart of weightlifting in my country, in E-europe beauty pageants are for those who are too weak for weightlifting


You are a little hard to follow but did I get that right; BBs are not strong or have any endurance? First off; BB is not about either one but do you know any body builders, I mean really?

Maybe I need some clarification on your idea of "Strong" and "Endurance". Put some numbers to your statement; i.e.; weights, reps, movements, body weight, times, distances. I am sure someone can find an example to disprove that statement.


i know BB is not about either of those, and they have neither. and that is why it is a pageant not a sport.

Clarification: being strong kilo for kilo, the best(looking) BBrs post plenty of videos of them showing poor strength and bad technique.
Endurance: training methods dont offer cardiovascular health, aside from training - many of the popular drugs crush endurance

we dont really need to discuss their capabilities because there are none to speak of, which is my point - its not about performance, its about looks only.

eatliftsleep doesnt seem to agree, maybe he will shed some light on new evidence that BBrs are judged by talent and performance. lol


Yeah, you're right...bodybuilders have never displayed any serious show of strength. Oh, wait...

Franco Columbu
Powerlifting Titles-
Champion of Italy
Chmapion of Germany
Champion of Europe

World's Strongest Man 1977-
5th place (after becoming injured)

And deadlifting 727lbs at a bodyweight of 185lbs-


Yeah Johnnie O. Jackson is pretty weak too

So is big Stan Efferding


you think any of those men trained for powerlifting competitions with their bodybuilding regime? no. were any of the titles they earned drug tested? no. Did they achieve something more impressive than IPF drug tested athletes do? no... what might be the reason for that, given their advantage of freedom to use any drug, their association with bodybuilding is not a factor here

if its bodybuilding that makes you strong then weightlifters and powerlifters would train like them - but of course they don't...


Do your home work troll. The record holder for IPF (who you claim are all natty) is held by Summer Blaine with a 2051.5 lb total (raw). Stan holds the world record for the 275 (raw) class with a total of 2303 lbs.

Oh did I mention that Blaine weighs 75 lbs more than Stan.


orly - quote me on the natty part - i said no such thing. being drug tested and passing a test doesnt make you clean, but it limits your drug options. please stop using that primitive measurement and use the international measurement for mass - the kilogram.

and again, stop comparing non drugtested athletes to drugtested athletes.

and still you are moving from the original topic of the debate, bodybuilding does not contribute to strenght.