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Anniversary Gift Ideas?


Guys and Gals,
I need some major help. March 17th is my 3 year anniversary and it's the first year I've been home to share it with my wife.

Does any one have any gift ideas they could share with me?

My wife is really not the girly type, she wouldn't care for a trip to the day spa or anything like that.

I'm looking for something that is thoughtful and will mean something 20 years down the road, not something she can hock in 2 years when we divorce.

She has plenty of jewelry and really doesn't wear much of it because we have one child and are expecting another. Women will understand this.

Any help would be appreciated, what is customary for the three year anniversary?



leather is the traditional 3 yr gift

glass/crystal is the modern gift

not sure if that helps at all


It's a Friday, so neither of you would probably be going to work the next day, right?

Book a night (or even two nights) at a B&B or a nice resort somewhere close, preferably one with a good restaurant.

Tell her to pack an overnight bag, hop in the car after work Friday, go.

It's over by Sunday, so she can't hock it in a couple years; but it can be memorable and sweet and romantic and give you some different territory to explore on the weekend. Just be together and do something different.


That would be a great idea, but we have a 2 year old cookie cartel, and one on the way any time now.



I had a miniature clay replica of my wife's bouquet made. It's only about four inches or so across, and every flower is amazingly detailed. Went through a company in Oklahoma, Nana's Clay Flowers. All they needed was a few pictures of it a a couple weeks. It went over extremely well.


Is she close with her family or has a loved one of hers passed away? If you can get a picture of her parents or any sentimental photo she likes, have it painted. A really nice painting can become a family heirloom.


Modification: Is there ANYONE (good friend, relative, grandparents) who can watch the nipper for one night? If you've got a 2-year-old, then I'm sure the wife would appreciate a night or even just an evening of several hours, where you can both get away and spend some together as a couple again.