What would be a normal distribution of exercises using the 3 days westside split with the triple extension olympic movement. I know its like this
Day 1
Triple Extension Dynamic Movement
ME lower body
Upper Body Volume

Day 2
Dynamic Effort Lower body
ME upper body
Lower body Volume

Day 3
Max effort Triple Extension Movement
Dynamic effort Upper body
Upper/Lower body volume

What would an example of each individual day be?

check out coach H training log on he uses the 3 day split with his athletes…big martin

With the exception of the triple extension, the same basic parameters are used in the three day split. As far as the triple extension goes, it can be lifts like snatch grip or clean grip high pulls, snatches, cleans, etc. For the DE trip. ext day, either 6x2 or 8x1 is a good set/rep range and on ME T.E days, go with triples, then to singles and work up to a max.

This is just an example:

*DAY 1

DE trip. ext:
-Snatch Grip High Pulls
-8 x 2 @ 50-60%

ME Lower Body:
-Good Mornings
-start with triples and work to singles

Upper Volume:
-Tricep ext.
-Chest supp. rows

*DAY 2
DE lower body:
-Box Squats

ME upper body
-Incline close grip bench

Lower body volume:
-Cable pull through

*DAY 3

ME Trip ext:
-Hang Clean

DE upper:
-Speed Bench

Combo volume:
-tricep ext
-cable rows
-rev. hyper

You need to buy Joe Kenn’s book. Its only like 20 bucks and you can get it over at elitefts. Ive just recently switched to the dark side myself so I am no westside expert by any means. Just hang out at elitefts and read all the Q and A’s and articles that you can. As Martin said, pay close attention to what Coach X, Coach H, Wendler and M. Rooney say since they deal alot with football and athletes.

Good luck, binford

annihil8tor- whre in tennsesse are you from???..big martin

Big Martin

Im about 10 mins south of Knoxville. Where in the Hoosier state are you located?

Oh yeah, Binford…be sure to add in lots of ab work…I usually hit my abs at least twice a week.

well the reason i ask is i went to school and played baseball at the university of tennesse martin and actually worked on the s&c staff there as a student so ia always will have tennesse in my heart, i am now back home on the southside of indianapolis…big martin

So if i wanted to focus on just getting strong, which i think i need to do before i add the olympic lifts hard core it would be something like this for the 3 day split, because i got to collge and have a part time job so i really only have 3 days to workout.
Day 1
Max effort squat
triceps ext
t-bar row
delt work- raises
reverse hyper

Day 2
Box squat- 10x2-45-50%
Max effort upper body
good morning
leg curl

Day 3
bench- 8x3, 45%
decline cg bench
hammer row
pull through

Big Martin can probably give you some better advice on this, but I think if you are going to take out the olys, but still use a three day split, then you might want to try something like this:

ME Lower

Day 2
ME Upper

Day 3
DE lower

Day 4
DE upper

Day 5
ME lower

Day 6
ME upper
and so on and so on…

It is less total volume per week than the traditional 4 day split, but still effective.

Also, make sure that you are cycling your ME lifts at least every 3 weeks and incorporating some GPP for recovery and to increase your work capacity.

Good luck

nope my advice would be right on with annihil8tor his advice is perfect that is the perfect split to run westside 3 days a week…big martin

Thanks guys, i’ve tried westside as a 4 day week before and i seemed to get a lil overtrained so i think 3 days more spread out might but perfect. Thanks

Good luck binford and keep us up to date on how your training comes along.

Bob youngs has a great article at Elite detailing his first 6 months at Westside. I think it is essential reading for the WSB newbie. He started with only three exercises per workout on the 4 day split.

If I had to guess as to why people overtrain it would be cuz thay add in too many exercises and extra stuff (GPP etc) that is intended for advanced lifters.

I’d start with their basic split

DE/ME Upper

DE/HE Lower
Low Back

The whole thing will take 30min-1hour. Pick 1 exercise per group, 4 total ex/workout. It’s harder to get any lower in volume than that.

When I plan my own workouts I often get over excited to add new things/techniques (like in CT’s superbeast article). I always end up with 6 or 7 exercises. Then I have to go back and say Damn, stick to the template, and pare my workouts down to the essentials.