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Anna's Training Log


Week 9: Day 3
Deadlift: 2x3-240; 8x3-215lbs w/1min rests
Split Squat:2x10/leg-40lb Dbs
Rows: 3x10-120lbs

Preworkout: had my weekly coffee so felt pretty good, excited to deadlift
Workout: Felt good and strong. I screwed up the counting and thought I was doing 250 then realized I did 240 instead :sob: 240 actually felt pretty heavy but I could pretty easily have done 5, but after the triple, 250 wasn’t happening so I did another triple instead before my volume sets. The volume sets ended up pretty intense. Split squats killed my legs as usual. Rows weren’t too bad.
Postworkout: tired, legs and glutes dead, good workout


Week 9: Day 4
Touch and go bench: 1x4-110lbs; 2x5-105lbs
Overhead press: 1x5, 2x3-75lbs
Skull crushers: 3x10-65lbs (I misreported last week, I did 3x12-60lbs)

Preworkout: felt pretty good. a bit of “workout hangover”. upper back pretty tight but low back felt fine
Workout: felt good and not too heavy. Pretty disappointed at overhead press. The bar felt light racking but really struggled with lockout. Skullcrushers really killed triceps and were quite mentally tough
Postworkout: same as preworkout


Week 9: Day 5
Front Squat: Fail 140lbs AGAIN!!! 5x3-130lbs, the 6th set just wasn’t happening
RDL: 3x6-175lbs
DB row: 3x14-24kg
Abs: 8xtabata hollow hold

Preworkout: legs and glutes surprisingly tight, unmotivated and pretty tired
Workout: felt better during warmups but the weight wouldn’t go up. Hips started shifting like crazy at 130 so I knew I was in trouble. RDLs really worked core but couldn’t really feel in glutes or hamstrings.
Postworkout: legs completely dead. It took a solid 3 minutes to get the energy and motivation to climb the stairs to history class on the third floor. still felt good about RDLs though.My squats have really been a struggle lately. I love squatting , but my legs always feel so weak.


Week 9: Day 6
Close grip bench: 3x5-105lbs
DB incline Press: 3x10-16kg
JM Press: 1x8,9,10-85lbs
3x(12 DB Flyes-10kg DBs+12 rear delt flyes-12kg Dbs)

Preworkout: lower body really protesting and pretty tired but surprisingly motivated to workout
Workout: felt pretty good but upper back pretty tight. Very happy with JM press and incline press. upper back dead
Postworkout: Felt good and energized


I get the impression that something isn’t right if your close grip bench and JM press numbers are so close. For JM press you should me lowering the bar to somewhere around your chin or upper chest (not touching of course) which will decrease how much weight you can handle since it’s all on the triceps and the pecs and shoulders can’t do much.


Here’s an idea for Monday’s squat workout:
Work up to 175 for a triple, shouldn’t be a problem since you already did this before. After that, load 215 on the bar and walk it out but don’t squat, just set up like you are going to squat and hold it for 5 seconds then rack it and continue with your usual workout.


I’m lowering the bar to about 3 incines off my collar bone area. I also use leg drive but my butt is always on the bench.


I would have to see a video to know what’s going on here, the numbers just don’t look right.


Week 10: Day 1
Back Squat: 1x4- 175lbs!!! 8x3-155 w/1min rests
Pause squat: 4x4-155lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 3x10-27kg
Ab Wheel: 1x7,8,9

Preworkout: felt pretty good, not tired or particularly energized either
Workout: Warmups were feeling pretty good. Very happy when I did 175 for 4. I probably could have grinded out a 5th rep but my hips were already shifting quite a bit so I stopped at 4. I did do the hold with 215 and afterwards, 155lbs felt like nothing. Paused squats still killed me though. I have trouble holding my breath for the pause. Worked on ab wheel but still trying to get form down, I tend to use my glutes
Post Workout: Legs dead and felt very accomplished


That sounds good, you should have no problem with 180 next week. I strongly recommend you look into the psychological aspects of lifting, positive thinking an such as well as visualization. If you have a mental block about certain numbers it will definitely help, and I have found that visualization helps right before big lifts - sometimes it feels like you already made the lift and you are just going through the motions.



I’m sure there is a part 2 somewhere since the 2nd is part 3, just watch those for now and try to put that to use.


Thanks for the videos!
I’ll definitely try visualization


Week 10: Day 2
Paused Bench: 2x2-110lbs; 6x4-100lbs
Dips: 3x12-10kg DB
Face pull: 3x15-49lbs
Handstand technique

Preworkout: legs felt surprisingly good and was pretty energized but shoulders and upper back tight.
Workout: weights a lot heavier than expected but felt better after warming up. needed longer rests. The dips were actually a lot easier than expected but my triceps were pretty toast. Good chest stretch too. Face pulls were fine.
Postworkout: entire upper body was pumped, felt pretty good


Week 10: Day 3
Deadlift: 1x2- 255lbs; 5x3-220lbs
Split Squats: 1x10,11/leg-40lbs
Rows: 3x8-135lbs

Preworkout: feeling pretty good, had my coffee. Back and abs a bit sore but legs and glutes felt amazing
Workout: pretty disappointed that I only got 2 at 255. I probably could have pushed out a third rep but my back was rounding pretty bad on the second one so I stopped. Back off sets were heavier than expected and I was getting a bit lightheaded. Also I was running out of time so I cut those down t0 5. Split squats felt surprisingly easy. Rows were fine too, but got the same lightheaded feeling after sets.
Postworkout: pretty drained but felt good about the workout. Nothing hurt, just didn’t feel like moving.


I don’t feel like my deadlifts are really progressing. I’ve been able to complete the workouts (except today), but they’ve been feeling heavy and not like I could do much more.


Based on my performances during the training cycle, will I be able to pull 300lbs by may?


Week 10: Day 5
Close Grip Bench: 1x1-110lbs 2x5-105lbs
Overhead Press: 3x4-75lbs
Skull Crushers: 3x11-65lbs

Preworkout: Feeling a bit tired but not too bad. Didn’t sleep the best last night. Upper back and entire lowerbody pretty sore and tight- hence the close grip bench and OVH press instead of touch and go.
Workout: Felt surprisingly strong. Killed triceps and shoulders.
Postworkout: Didn’t really feel like I worked out but felt good given “workout hangover” from deadlifts yesterday.


Week 10: Day 5
Front Squat: 2x1-140lbs; 6x3- 125lbs
RDL: 3x6-175lbs
DB rows: 3x12-26kg

Preworkout: really tired and unmotivated but at least nothing sore
Workout: Better than expected. Still couldn’t get more than 1 rep on the front squat. Mentally not there. RDL really hard on back and abs. DB rows not that bad.
Post workout: Felt better but tired. Legs pumped and tight.

Friday Workouts have really sucked lately.


Week 10: Day 6
Touch and go Bench: 1x5, 2x3-110lbs
JM Press: 3x7-90lbs
DB Incline bench: 2x10, 1x9-16kg DBs

Preworkout: Felt okay, nothing sore or tired
Workout: Pretty pissed that I couldn’t get 3x5 at 110 for touch and go. JM press felt really good but really struggled with incline bench. Needed quite long rests between sets
Postworkout: Pretty good. Triceps not as tired as expected. Shoulders done.


Week 11: Day 1
Back Squat: 1x3-185lbs!!! 8x3-165lbs
Pause Squat: 4x4-160lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 1x12-27kg

Preworkout: feeling good and excited to squat
Workout: Very impressed and happy with PR. Warmups felt light and great so I decided to go for 185 and got it! 8x3 and pause squats killed legs and were really mentally hard but pushed through with PR high.
Postworkout: legs dead but felt good and accomplished


I almost forgot about you. Congratulations on your squat PR.