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Anna's Training Log


Just found this log.

@chris_ottawa - are you training her or something?

Is this a program you made for her? Just curious.


Sort of


I pull sumo but I’m doing the deficit deadlifts conventional in lieu of RDLs. I feel them much more in my hamstrings and glutes than RDLs and I can keep my back much straighter and core tighter

I haven’t gained any weight. I like the back off sets, except for bench. My bench has really struggled- mentally and weight wise.


Eat more. Try to at least fill out the lowest female weight class. I can’t remember exact numbers but you have something like 10lbs to go. Not gaining weight will limit your progress. Bench in particular has the biggest correlation between weight gain and strength.


And if you are doing conventional deficit DLs then a 3 inch deficit is fine.


Week 6: Day 4

Close grip bench: 5x5-100lbs
Skullcrushers: 3x12-70lbs
Facepulls: 3x12-49lbs
Technique: Handstand

Preworkout: Lowerbody and lower back felt great but shoulders and upper back strangely sore. Mentally fine, not tired or energized
Workout: everything felt heavy but the reps weren’t too hard to complete. I was feeling okay so I pushed for 5x5. Skullcrushers were mentally and physically hard and actually got a pretty good sweat going. Triceps dead Face pulls fine.
Postworkout: Triceps pumped and shoulders/ upper back loosened up so felt better. Otherwise, same as preworkout


How can I gain weight while minimizing fat if my parents won’t let me prepare my own food, weigh and measure or count macros. I have a HUGE portion control problem when it comes to meats and some fruits, so I’m pretty scared I’ll just fall off the rails.


Just eat more, it doesn’t have to be exact. The only macro I track is protein, fat and carbs I just keep at a moderate level. Basically, 4oz lean meat = roughly 20g protein. Once you get an idea of what 4oz looks like then it’s easy to estimate, and it doesn’t have to be totally exact. You weigh 90lbs so 80g protein per day is sufficient. Don’t count vegetable sources of protein, that stuff is only like 50% usable and unless you eat a ton of beans it certainly won’t be enough. So make sure you get enough protein and just eat more carbs, like maybe 25-50% more.

Nobody ever became a fat slob overnight. Aim to gain 1/4-1/2 lb per week, so 1-2lbs per month. That will minimize fat gain. If you are gaining too fast then cut portions a bit, if you aren’t gaining fast enough then eat more. Simple. Gain weight during volume blocks (like right now) and when volume is lower maintain weight.


Chris gave good, simple, straightforward advice.

As a teen girl, body image and food are often very tricky subjects to navigate.

If you’re a teenager living at home with parents preparing your food, the best way to go about this is to just eat a little more every day at one specific meal that’s already pretty consistent (ex: if you have two eggs for breakfast every day, start eating 3; if you eat oatmeal for breakfast, just make it with milk instead of water; add an extra yogurt with your lunch; just pick one or two very subtle additions that fit seamlessly in with the way you already eat). Like Chris said, you won’t just become a fat slob overnight. If your training is solid and you’ve made a fairly modest addition that will net a few hundred extra calories per day, things should work themselves out.

I can certainly appreciate the struggles with portion control as a never-diagnosed-but-sort-of-weird-binging-at-times eater in the past (I used to occasionally just eat an entire jar of peanut butter or pull some frozen fruit out for a snack and find myself housing the entire 2 pound bag) and this may be especially challenging if you have any history of eating disorders or body-image issues. So, yeah, maybe beware of trigger foods that inspire binges or overly-paranoid feelings about what you’re eating, and if you feel like things are teetering in that regard, get advice from someone IRL rather than Internet strangers.

Your strength is outstanding for a teenage girl at your size, and you look to have a very solid attitude. Keep up the great work.


Week 6: Day 5

Front Squat: 5x5-130lbs
Step ups: 6x6 w/35lb Kbs to 20 in box
Overhead Squat: 10x6- 20kg EMOM

Preworkout: Legs and back felt really good, shoulders and upper back still pretty tight but not sore. Excited to squat.
Workout: Front squats felt great but a bit slow. Hips shifting pretty bad though. To be honest, I think it’s a bad habit at this point. Step ups didn’t feel heavy but were REALLY hard to complete and actually got my HR up a bit. I think the box might be a bit too high for me. Overhead squats were easy on everything except my wrists
Postworkout: Mentally felt clear and amazing but physically beat. Happy with session


Week 6: Day 6

Touch and go Bench: 3x4-105lbs
DB Incline Bench: 3x8-18kg Dbs
DB Floor press: 3x20-30lbs
Ring Dips: 3x7 w/ 3sec descent and 3sec pause at bottom

Preworkout: Felt fine except upper back tight and a bit sore, Shoulders and triceps fine
Workout: Bench felt pretty heavy and 3x5 was not happening. The first 2 reps felt fine but got exponentially harder after the third one. Incline bench, floor press and bench really worked chest
Postworkout: Upper body pumped, otherwise didn’t feel like I worked out


My parents took away the scale…
What do I do now? I find the mirror quite unreliable sometimes as I’m bloated a lot


Don’t mean to pry into your life, but are your parents not supportive of you physical pursuits? It seems odd that they won’t let you make your own food…

…or track your weight.


I’m sure you could find a scale to use somewhere else, you don’t have to weigh yourself every day. Your gym doesn’t have one?


Nope, they’re not supportive at all. They just put up with it because they know they can’t do anything about it.
Also, they think I’m too skinny and want me to gain some more fat (yes, fat) and are pretty ignorant about nutrition. They are convinced I need large quantities of “starch” (aka rice or bread) at every meal and don’t eat enough oil even though most of my meats contain fat. Honestly, the stuff we eat is really healthy ie soups, steamed fish and lots of veggies, so I’m not too bothered by eating at home.
Fortunately, I’m going off to college next year and won’t have to deal with this anymore. I’ll also get an actual coach


Week 7: Day 1

Bench: 1x3-115lbs; 10x5-90lbs
Overhead press: 5x8-65lbs
DB rows: 3x12-24kg
Technique: HS walk

Preworkout: I’m supposed to squat on Mondays, but my entire lower body felt really sore and tired. Upper body fine and not too tired over all. Not particularly energized either.
Workout: Bench felt slow but not too hard to complete. The volume sets got pretty tedious though- definitely more mental than anything. Overhead press really burned shoulders. I actually wanted sets for 10 but not happening. I hand’t done DB rows in a while, so those felt a lot heavier than expected. Good upper back pump though
Postworkout: lower body actually felt a lot better but still tired. Upper body pretty dead. Felt good


Umm, well other than getting fat this is what I have been trying to tell you.


You don’t like me anymore or what?


Lol sorry. You’re amazing. I was talking about an in person coach to actually look at my technique and stuff.


Week 7: Day 2

Back Squat: 1x4-190lbs; 10x5-145lbs
Pause squat: 2x7,1x8-135lbs
Overhead squat: 1x6, 2x10- 55lbs

Preworkout: Legs felt great and pretty high energy but not buzzed. excited to squat
Workout: Squats felt great, very happy that I got 190x4 with at least 1 more rep in the tank. Back off squats felt great but killed legs. Paused squats were mentally and physically hard, but completed with very long rests. Overhead squats felt great.
Postworkout: legs felt like bricks and mentally a bit buzzed.