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Anna's Training Log


Week1: Day 3

Deadlift: 1x5-225lbs; 5x5-200lbs
RDL: 2x8, 1x10- 155lbs
Rows: 2x10, 1x12-130lbs

Preworkout: legs feeling better but a bit tired, not to excited to lift- working out earlier than usual
Workout: The “heavy” set of 5 felt really slow and heavy. My back was feeling pretty tight during warmups and didn’t really get better by the time I worked up to top set. 5x5 at 200lbs flew up though and really killed by glutes and quads. RDLs weren’t that hard on glutes and hamstrings but I had a really hard time keeping my core tight and that became my main limiter. Rows were okay but my grip started failing so I used straps
Postworkout: entire lower body pretty dead, pretty tired. Quite disappointed with deadlifts


Week 1: Day 4

Bench: 3x(5 close grip+5 touch and go)-90lbs
Skull crushers: 3x12-65lbs
Technique: HS walk- I finally got 12 meters!

Preworkout: feeling pretty terrible walking into gym, entire back sore and shoulders strangely tight. Felt better after warmup
Workout: Bench felt pretty heavy but it was mostly mental. I was surprised I pushed through. Skull crushers felt good and killed triceps. I was feeling pretty tired so I ended with a bit of technique and actually set a pr!
Postworkout: feeling better but back still sore, not as tired


Week 1: Day 5

Front Squat: 5x5-120lbs
Lunges: 5x10-110lbs
DB row: 3x10-22kg

Preworkout: Felt good, had my coffee, back still a bit sore though, pretty excited to squat
Workout: Front squat felt heavy but not too hard to complete- I wasn’t struggling or breathing hard. However, my hips started shifting really bad by the third rep. Lunges felt amazing and got heartrate up. good pump on glutes. I dropped weight on DB rows to focus on strict form
Postworkout: legs pretty tired but mentally energized, felt good


I notice you decided to switch RDLs and lunges to opposite days and your back is sore. The reason I set it up the way I did is to avoid that, if you are training with a somewhat higher frequency then you want to avoid beating up any bodypart too much in one day. Upper body usually recovers a bit faster and you aren’t benching anything huge but if your back or knees are feeling it then I can see why. You can keep it this way if you prefer but consider switching it around if recovery continues to be an issue.


Week 1: Day 6

DB Incline Press: 3x6,7,8-18kg DB
Overhead Press: 3x6-75lbs
JM Press:3x12-65lbs (I switched to the proper form)
Technique: HS holds

Preworkout: feeling pretty good but legs and glutes sore… lunges. Upper body felt fine and pretty energized
Workout: Surprised at set of 8 with 18kg DBs. Shoulders tired from DB incline bench so ovh press didn’t really feel that great. tried to keep it as strict as possible. I fixed my JM press and didn’t really feel that much of a difference in terms of triceps, but definitely a lot harder. They kine of hurt my elbows though
Postworkout: shoulders and triceps dead, legs felt much better after walking around.


Most likely you aren’t doing them right, you should definitely feel them in your triceps and if you can do skull crushers without problems then these shouldn’t be hurting your elbow. If it isn’t working then switch to a different tricep exercise, or figure out how to do them properly.


Week 2: Day 1

Back Squat: 1x5-170lbs; 6x5-145lbs EMOM
Pause Squat: 3x8-125lbs
Lat pulldowns: 3x13,14,15

Preworkout: not feeling too motivated and definitely not happy to squat, not tired though
Workout: warmups felt heavy but top set felt amazing- quick and easy. The back offs felt light and got my heartrate up pretty good with the short rests. Pause squats (at the lower weight) felt much better. Holding my breath is still hard though. Lat pulldowns were fine
Postworkout: legs pumped and felt really good, not too tired


Week 2: Day 2

Paused Bench: 1x5-105lbs: 5x5-95lbs
Dips: 2x11,1x12- 12kg Dbs
Face Pulls: 3x10-42lbs
Technique: HS walk

Preworkout: legs pretty tired but felt better after warming up. Upper back a bit tight
Workout: Bench felt heavier than expected, especially top set. Dips really killed triceps and chest but getting stronger. Face pulls fine
Postworkout: Upper body pumped and pretty tired, mentally energized


Week 2: Day 3

Deadlift: 1x5-230lbs; 6x5-200lbs EMOM
RDL: 1x8, 2x6-165lbs
Rows: 1x8, 2x10-130lbs

Preworkout: Felt good and pretty excited to deadlift, a bit of bloating and gas though
Workout: Deadlifts didn’t really fly up but felt really strong. I felt like I had at least 2 more reps in the tank during the top set, which is a significant improvement from last week. I had a really hard time keeping my core tight for RDLs and ended up rounding my back quite a bit so I dropped the reps to 6 after the 1st set. I couldn’t really feel it in my glutes or hamstrings… Rows were fine and form’s getting better
Postworkout: Mentally energized but legs and glutes pretty dead. Back felt fine and much better than last week

Should I start doing more core work? I don’t feel my core hinders my squats or deadlifts but RDLs always kill my core


You could do 3-4 sets for your abs at the end of lower body workouts if you want. I honestly don’t think I get anything out of typical ab work, stuff that is more of a bracing drill like dead bugs or McGill curl ups seem to be more useful. I also find that RDLs are hard on my abs, as well as SSB squats, those two seem to force you to brace more than just about any ab exercise.


Week 2: Day 4

Close Grip Bench: 3x5- 95lbs
Jm Press: 3x10-75lbs
Pullups: 6x4EMOM
Technique: HS walk

Preworkout: not really sore but really tired, like a “workout hangover” feeling. Felt better after warmup. upper back surprisingly tight.
Workout: Felt surprisingly strong. Nothing was too hard to complete, but triceps really took a beating. I fixed my form on the JM press and got a pretty insane pump. I was aiming for at least 8 sets on the pullups, but my back and abs weren’t having it
Postworkout: felt much better than preworkout but still a bit tired. upper body pumped and tight, felt accomplished


Week 2: Day 5

Front Squat: 5x5- 130lbs
Lunges: 5x10-125lbs EMOM
Technique: Overhead Squat- work up to 65lbsx5
Abs: 8xtabata hollow holds

Preworkout: felt pretty good, a bit tired but still pretty excited to workout
Workout: Felt really strong. The front squats went right up. Lunges also felt surprisingly light but got HR up. Really felt in quads and gluts and will probably be very sore tomorrow. Lunges always kill my legs
Postworkout: Definitely a postworkout high, but pretty tired.


Week 2: Day6

Touch and go bench: 3x5-100lbs
DB incline bench: 3x6- 18kg Dbs
Skullcrushers: 2z12, 1z13-65lbs

Preworkout: feeling pretty good and energized, nothing really sore, which is surprising
Workout: felt strong and pretty surprised that I got 18kg Dbs for 3x6 after touch and go bench. Skullcrushers felt surprisingly good but killed triceps
Postworkout: shoulders and triceps dead, felt accomplished


Week 3: Day 1

Back Squat: 1x5-175lbs; 7x5-145lbs EMOM
Paused Squats: 3x8-130lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 3x15-24kg

Preworkout: Feeling good and a bit buzzed, pretty excited to squat but a bit cold
Workout: Squats flew up but hips shifting pretty bad. The 7x5EMOM really got my hear rate up and felt good. I actually ended up loosing track for a moment and almost did an 8th set. Paused squat felt good… still have problems with holding breath though.
Postworkout: legs pumped, felt good and accomplished


Slowing down the descent just a little bit might help with the hip shifting issue.

How long are you pausing?


about 3 seconds- I try not to rush the count


It doesn’t necessarily need to be that long, pausing too long is going to limit weight on the bar. You can just count “one, two, up” in your head.


Week 3: Day 2

Paused Bench: 1x5- 100lbs; 3x5-90lbs
Dips: 3x12-12kg Dbs
face pulls: 2x12, 1x11-42lbs
Technique: HS walk

Preworkout: felt pretty bad overall, didn’t sleep well, nothing really sore, just tired
Workout: Bench felt really heavy so I really took things down. low back felt great though. I guess things warmed up because dips and face pulls felt great
Postworkout: upper body pumped and felt much better


Week 3: Day 3
I didn’t have time for a deadlift workout so I did upper body today

Touch and go bench: 3x5-105lbs
Overhead Press: 3x5-75lbs
Skullcrushers: 3x15-55lbs
Technique: 3x5 pullups w/ 3 sec hold at top

Preworkout: Felt much better than yesterday but still not very motivated to work out. School’s been a bit stressful lately
Workout: Bench felt heavy but surprisingly strong. My upper back was pretty tight so I was pleased I got 3x5 for overhead press, my shoulders really had to work. Skullcrushers killed triceps. Pullups really worked lats but felt stronger than expected
Postworkout: upper body pumped and felt pretty energized


You probably would have been better off just skipping today altogether, two upper body days in a row with plenty of volume is not really good.

What happened here? Aren’t you supposed to do 7 sets of 5 this week?