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Anna's Training Log


Okay. I’ll try that out


So what should I do next week for this workout?


Day 5 Workout
Front Squat: 1x5-125lbs; 5x5-115lbs w/1min rests
Anderson Front Squat: 3x8-95lbs w/ 3sec eccentrics

  • I did RDLs on Wednesday so I decided to have some fun
    3x(20 clamshells/side+20 glute bridges) w/ band

PreWorkout: Felt good and really excited to squat. Shoulders and upper back sore

During Workout: Front squats felt good, but definitely harder than I expected. Also, I noticed that my hips shift quite a bit to the left when the weight goes up or I get tired. The anderson squats really hurt. Surprisingly, the 2nd and 3rd sets felt a lot easier than the first. Definitely one of the better workouts I’ve had

Post workout: Quads and glutes were pretty tired but otherwise, I felt good


I can’t really tell you what to do, but if you start changing things up in the program it’s going to affect the whole plan. If you don’t want to do what I wrote then feel free to tell me, I’m not some sort of online dictator. The idea was to start off with low/moderate volume, gradually increase the weight, and if you are performing well and feeling recovered then we could add more sets and more exercises. Since you have no meet coming up you could continue like this for a while, maybe 2 blocks of 6 weeks + 1 week deload, then move onto higher intensity/lower volume work for a bit. Again, I’m not your boss, I can only suggest things, but if you want to do something different it would be a good idea to discuss this with me.

As for Anderson squats, they are a good exercise but I don’t see a good reason to do the front squat version, front squats are just a means to an end. I have had good results with Anderson squats, also known as dead squats. You can do the same thing for bench too, but I would put both exercises in another training block where you are doing higher intensity work and do them for singles only, doing reps adds a stretch reflex which partially defeats the purpose of the exercise. Also, if you come down on the pins too fast it will make you bounce around, it forces you to slow down your descent which can mess up your technique. I’m speaking from personal experience. See these videos:




Okay. I get your point. I think I could probably do with more volume, especially on the main movements.
I’ll try my best to stick to the plan.


Day 6 Workout:
Touch and Go Bench: 2x10-85lbs
DB Incline Bench: 2x10-14kg Dumbbells
3x(12 dumbbell flyes-8kg Dumbbells superset with 15 rear delt flyes-6kg Dumbbells)
Hollow Hold: 12x(30sec +30sec rest)

PreWorkout: Felt good and pretty energized, but my shoulders were a bit sore

During Workout: The weights felt heavier than I expected but I probably could have gone for another set or two. I’d never done flyes before so they felt pretty awkward and were a lot harder than I expected. I definitely felt the rear delt flyes in my upper back but couldn’t really feel my chest on the DB flyes. My arms kind of took over

Post workout: Felt good, but felt like I could have pushed harder


Ok, so regarding the last three days, for Thursday keep the same weight for close grip bench and try to get more reps, once you can get two sets of 10 you can move the weight up. Increase OHP by 5lbs. Do skull crushers this time, or some other tricep exercise like cable pushdowns, it you are failing at lockout you definitely need some tricep work. And maybe do DB rows on Friday instead.

On Friday, if the front squatting isn’t enough for you then you could do some paused front squats at the end, I don’t really like the idea of Anderson front squats but if you really want to do them you can.

For Saturday, increase the weight on t&g bench, try to do more reps with DB incline (aim for 12’s), and reduce the weight you are using for flys. If you aren’t feeling it in your chest then lower the weight slowly (like 5 sec. eccentric) and feel the tension in your pecs, focus on squeezing your pecs on the way up. Think “mind-muscle connection”, for compound lifts that is nonsense but on isolation exercises it is the way to get the most out of it. Also, since your Saturday workout looks pretty easy you could add a tricep exercise in there, the original intention was to do close grip incline but since that isn’t happening you could try JM presses. Do this after bench and DB bench, before flys, start with 3 sets of 10. It’s basically a close grip bench over your face/neck, technique isn’t as important since it’s not a competition lift but make sure to feel it in your triceps and not hurt yourself, keep your shoulder blades pulled together. Watch this video:


You say that you can handle more volume, if that’s the case then you can add one set to the 5x5 on the first three days (so 5x6 sets) and add a set to touch & go bench. Don’t go crazy adding sets to everything because you won’t make it far, remember that the plan is to increase weight every week (or reps if you can’t increase the weight yet) for 6 weeks, you can expect to be feeling some fatigue by then. The last thing you want to do is start off a training block with more volume than you can handle because you won’t be able to make any progress, you might build some muscle but the numbers won’t go up because you will be too fatigued to add weight to the bar. Also, keep in mind that you are training 6 days a week so each workout should feel like you could still do some more at the end.


Okay. Sounds good.
Just a heads up, I’m going on an pretty impromptu college visit to California from August 3-5 and won’t be able to train.


Well I guess you won’t need to deload in that case. You could just start back where you left off when you come back. If you can do a couple quick workouts while out of town it would be a good thing, otherwise you might feel weaker when you come back.


Week 2: Day 1
Back Squat: 1x5160lbs
6x5-140lbs, on the minute
Pause Squat: 2x8-135
Lat Pull Down: 2x12, 1x15- 24kg

Preworkout: Felt really good. Very excited to squat

Workout: Everything felt smooth and light, especially the first set of 5. The pause squats still got me pretty good, but a lot better than last week. Lat pulldowns felt better than last week. Turns out, I had been leaning back too far- good to know

Post workout: Legs very tired, but I felt buzzed. Definite post- workout high


Week 2: Day 2
Paused Bench: 1x5-105; 6x5-80lbs with 1min rests
Dips: 4x12 w/4kg DB
Face Pull: 2x20, 1x25- 15kg w/40sec rests

Preworkout: felt good, pretty high energy but shoulders slightly tired

Workout: Bench wasn’t tiring but really hard to complete. I actually had to raise my butt off the bench for the last two reps of the first set. Back off sets felt pretty good but heaver than expected. Everything else wasn’t too bad. The dips really hard on my chest but didn’t really feel in tricep.

Postworkout: Pretty disappointed and felt like I could have done more


That’s not a good habit to get into. Maybe you should lower your working weights so that you can get 5 good reps.

It’s odd that you don’t feel dips in your triceps, I’m quite sure that you can’t do them without using triceps. Either way, I wouldn’t worry too much because you need to work your pecs too.

If you are using an upper/lower split then the upper body days will feel much easier than lower body days. You want them to, otherwise you won’t get very far, especially if you are training 5 days a week.


Okay fair enough,
Should I just keep the weight at 105 on bench for next week? 100lbs was easy and I don’t have 1.25lb plates


Week 2: Day 3
Deadlift: 1x5-220
6x5 every 40sec -180lbs
Split Squats: 3x11/leg- 16kg DBs
Rows: 3x12-95lbs w/ slow descents
Abs: 10x(40sec RKC plank hold+20sec rest)- still can’t do ab wheel

Preworkout: pretty tired and unmotivated, definitely didn’t want to deadlift.

Workout: The set of 5 felt pretty heavy, but easier than expected especially since I got pretty lightheaded after 3 at 215. The 6x5 at 185lbs felt quick and good. Everything else felt smooth and good. Surprisingly, the split squats felt a lot easier than last week, but my grip started giving out.

Post Workout: Mentally good but physically beat.


Yeah, you could keep it at 105, but stop at 3 or 4 if you can’t do another rep without lifting your butt. Try to get yourself in a position where you can’t lift your butt, setting your feet wider and internally rotating your hips (basically try to turn your knees in and point your toes straight rather than out, if that makes sense) should help. I had an issue with lifting my butt too, I ended up wasting time trying to fix my technique instead of actually getting stronger.

Was that your last warmup or what? How do your warmup sets go? I would do as much as necessary to get warmed up, but if your top set is 220 then last warmup should be about 200-205 for a single, or double at most. Save your energy for the sets that count. Better to do more reps with lighter weight.

How come you were so tired? I thought yesterday’s workout was too easy?

Do you use hook grip or mixed grip? Based on what you are saying about grip giving out on split squats, I think you could use some grip work. Try this: at the end of your deadlift workout (Wednesday) load 50% of your DL 1rm on a bar and hold it with a double overhand grip (not hook grip) for 2 sets of 15 seconds. If you can’t do 15 seconds then lower the weight, maybe 40% instead. Each week add 5lbs. It actually feels easier to hold the bar if you squeeze it as hard as you can.


Okay, got it.

For warm up, I first did 5min of easy cardio, then 1x5- 135, 155, 1x4-175, 195, 205, then 1x3 215

I was probably tired because I didn’t sleep well and it was particularly humid. Nothing was sore. I do have a question though. Since I used to deadlift 2-3x/week and now I’m only deadlifting 1x/week, is there the possibility of detraining because of the reduced frequency?

I use mix grip


I wouldn’t worry about the frequency, the main thing is total volume and that would also include squat volume as well (same muscles, similar movement pattern). But it also sounded like you were doing too much before. There can be some benefit in terms of technique in more frequently training a lift but deadlift normally does well with low frequency. Very few people pull more than twice a week. If you find that your technique feels off after only pulling once a week then we can change it to twice a week, for now I wouldn’t worry.


Week 2: Day 4
Close Grip Bench: 3x9-75lbs
Ovh Press: 3x10-60lbs
Skulcrushers: 4x15-25lbs w/30sec rests
Handstand walk practice

Preworkout: felt pretty good, nothing sore or tired

During workout: I was pretty short on time so glad for the quick workout. Everything killed my triceps. Nothing felt particularly hard to complete but it did take some time to get used to the skullcrushers.

Post workout: felt good, but triceps dead


Try to rest a bit longer, at least one minute. If you can do 15 on the last set you could probably do a lot more on the first one, it would be better to use more weight and push each set harder.


Week 2: Day 5
Front Squat: 1x5- 130
6x5 120lbs w/pause, 1min rests
RDL: 3x15- 135lbs
DB row: 3x15/arm 20kg
Glute work: 3x(1min bridge walkout+1min 1-legged glute bridge/leg+1min rest)

Preworkout: not sore or tight but strangely tired- it was very hot and humid and I had some stomach cramps

Workout: Had a really hard time keeping my core tight. I had to use a belt for the
“heavy” set of 5. The 6x5 at 120 weren’t too bad on my legs, but I had a hard time breathing. I actually got borderline emotional for some strange reason. Everything else wasn’t too bad on my muscles, but felt strangely lightheaded through all the sets and really struggled mentally. Definitely took longer rests than necessary.

Postworkout: tired and not much better than preworkout. Felt accomplished though