Anna's Training Log Part 2

Well… so I’m feeling completely shite
Going to take it easy. Yesterday was off, not sure if I’ll do anything today

Moving forward. It might be another week or so before I get gym access :sob:
I really made a mistake taking the last week of uni off from the gym. RIP strength

@T3hPwnisher @hustlinghat93
So… it turns out the gym I’d been going to in Shanghai has closed and I might not have access to a squat rack until August. I’ll still be able to do deadlifts and have access to a smith machine at the backup gym.
Any idea of what plan I should do so I don’t lose squatting ability

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Vacation “workouts”

Day 1: nothing

Day 2
leg extensions: 4x10-35kg superset w/100 jumping jacks
db press 3x12-16kg dbs
8x(20sec cleans+30sec jumping jacks+ 10sec rest)

Day 3 (today)
1-5 db man makers-10kg dbs, 20jumping jacks between sets
1-5 man makers w/an extra squat, 20alt lunges btw sets
Incline Db flyes: 3x20-6kg dbs
Lateral raises: 3x8-6kg dbs
2x(8BSS/leg-16kg db + 10rows/side-12kg dbs)

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Hack squats on the smith machine
Goblet squats
Single leg squats
Split squats
Front squat lunges
Sumo Deadlifts ( which you will be doing)

Are simple ways for you to maintain strength/ muscle on the key muscles involved in squatting

With that being said

You will lose squatting ability because you will not have practiced the actual skill of back squatting.
But you will get it back within a few sessions when you get back to squatting and may actually be stronger because you would have potentially addressed any weak points in the movements ( if you do single leg work)


To go along with that, spending time AWAY from the squat and building the strength of the muscles involved SHOULD result in some fantastic growth when you come back to squatting. Over specialization often results in stagnation.


So…. Dad found me a new gym that has EVERYTHING (squat rack, treadmill, plus boxes, benches, machines, dumbbells)

I think it would still be good to focus on other things to improve weak points.

My plan is to have overhead press, lunges and sumo deadlifts as the primary movements, smith machine squats, conventional DL and incline DB press, barbell rows as secondaries and random machines/db movements as accessories

For split, I’m thinking 2 hard full body days, a lower and upper body accessory day and one cardio day, accessory days will include short conditioning

Since the plan is to continue gaining, I’m going to keep reps on the higher side.



…wait what?

Works quads

Ohhh read it wrong. Thought you were gonna make it a primary lol. Ok I guess that makes sense now

Yeah… I’m tired of struggling with leg extensions machines that are made for tall ppl

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Why not close stance leg presses? Could do unilateral too

Can’t get sufficient rom bc height

Wow anna, Are you up way past your bed time or what?

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In China

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Oh! Ok.

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Week 1: Day 1

lunges: 5x20 total-45kg
good mornings: 1x12,13,14-45kg
KBS: 3x5, 3x6 all w/ 32kg KB
seated row: 3x8-35kg

  • something lighter to ease back, the lunges felt really really good and had fun messing around with the heavy kettlebell. I LOVE this gym

I don’t know why but this comment made me chuckle a bit. Btw, nice to see you alive and kicking!


Conditioning day

Battle rope tabata (8 rounds of 20 on/10 off, rotating trough various movements)
30sec rest
plank tabata (8 rounds of 20 on/10 off)
30sec off
Battle rope tabata (8 rounds of 20 on/10 off, rotating trough various movements)
4 min rest
Battle rope tabata (8 rounds of 20 on/10 off, rotating trough various movements)
30sec rest
bodyweight glute bridges tabata (8 rounds of 20 on/10 off)
4 min rest
Glute ham raises: 4x12 bodyweight

  • felt really good and got HR up. will definitely be doing a LOT of battleropes in the coming weeks while I have access

Week1: day 3

Db incline press: 2x8, 2x10, 1x12- 16kg dbs
Lateral raises: 4x10-6kg dbs
Db flyes: 3x12-8kg dbs, 1min rests
Tricep push downs: 4x12-27lbs, 1min rests
Treadmill: 8min incline walk

  • felt good and nice pump, tomorrow I deadlift

Week 1: Day 4

deadlifts: 5x5-100kg, 1 min rests
trap bar DL: 3x20-60kg
deadbugs: 3x10/side
KBS: 4x6-32kg
pendlay rows: 1x4,5-60gk
bodyweight leg work: 6x(45sec air squat+15sec rest)

  • first DL session in a while, the bar was stiff and had bad knurling so grip was a big issue- felt light and good though, it kind of went downhill from there… just barely made it through, something about humidity just kills me