Anna's Training Log Part 2

Week 4: day 4 (yesterday)

Deadlift: 1x5-80,90,100,110, 1x1-120
Snatch grip dl: 4x3-80kg, 3x6-60kg
Pendlay row: 3x4-60kg

  • quick workout to get main work in before flight, deadlifts felt surprisingly smooth despite being really sore going in.

Weight is back up to 105, but that’s normal around this time+ haven’t been the most adherent. Water should drop next week and I should be less hungry with the taper


Week 4: day 5 (yesterday)

Db cleans: 100 alternating-40lb db, 10 alt body weight lunges every min
Db overhead press: 50/side-25lb db, switch arms when one failed
Seal rows: 1x100-15lb dbs

  • quick but pretty intense workout, I might start doing these “100 reps with something emom” pieces as conditioning more often. flying back tonight

I definitely made the right choice committing to UCLA


Congratulations, @anna_5588! This is fantastic news.

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Mum told me to get something nice


That dress looks great on you anna. Nice find!

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Week 4: day 6 (yesterday)
Really sleep deprived… there were two screaming babies on the plane. Seriously though, babies should not be allowed on planes

Bench: 1x10-35,4”, 1x8-45, 1x6-50; 1x4, 2x2(paused)- 55
Feet up bench: 3x8-40
Btn press: 4x6-20kg 1min tests

  • quick bench session- stuff moved smoothly, but heavier than I would have liked. But hey, it’s bench. Idgaf. Tomorrow is pseudo max testjng. 1week taper, then “meet day”!!

Excited for your meet and testing! Hope it goes well.


I’m sure it was worse for the parents, haha. Besides having to listen to the babies like everyone else, they also had to be the ones who brought the babies on the plane.

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Babies just create a huge negative externality. Airplane travel is bad enough without listening to screaming.

At least toddlers can be shut up with an iPad and candy.

With so much video technology, there is no reason to bring a baby on a plane, barring extreme circumstances (cross country/international move). But even so, most of those situations can be arranged such that the child is at an age where iPads shit them up.



Maybe next time you hear a screaming baby, you should show the parents this video anna. It’s a pretty cool video that I watched a couple times. I don’t even have kids, it was just interesting I guess.

I think most would call that bad parenting, haha.

I guess I’d say…first world problems? (Not aimed at you, but just like for all of us dealing with this.) A few hours with an annoying noise in the background isn’t the worst thing ever. I try to bring headphones on planes.