Anna's Training Log Part 2

Week 1: Day 7 (yesterday)

was supposed to be off day, but decided to indulge so might as well get some extra activity. No special meal but allowed myself 500 extra calories yesterday and 200 extra today

90min weighted walk-25lbs in pack

  • felt good, got HR up nicely, left arm got a bit numb towards the end… GAHHH

Today’s work

was actually supossed to be off, but felt quite nice so decided to get a quick 30min workout in anyways

DB man makers: 10-1 w/25lb dbs, alternate between 20 alt bodyweight lunges and 10 lying leg raises btw sets
DB rows: 4x6/side-50lb db
lateral raises: 4x8-15lb dbs

  • pretty intense and felt good


  1. All letters are in! Now I just have to sit and wait. They reassured me that if I don’t get in “it won’t be because of our (their) letters”. I’m so happy that I have such wonderful ppl behind me, especially considering that one of them is literally one of the founders of my field

  2. My diet adherence was actually very good monday, tuesday and wednesday. Fell way off the wagon yesterday and didn’t exactly stay on track today. but I think 3 days in a row is the best I’ve done in a long time. Time to get back on track tomorrow

  3. Things are going very well with my friend (that one). Maybe it’s bc I’m pulling further away from econ and having success in my applications or maybe he’s seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but we’ve had some very nice conversations and he seems to be loosening up.



Technically rest but got in this little workout
Db manmakers: 2x1-5 w/30 lb dbs, 20 jumping jacks btw sets
Devils press: 1-5w/25lb dbs, 20 jumping jacks btw sets
Core: 5x(30 sec plank+15sec rest)

  • got hr up but took plenty of breaks so not too intense

Update: after 4 days of overeating, I’m only up 1/2lb from last Tuesday. I’m solidly back to pre- summer territory


This may be a solid sign that this isn’t overeating at all!

Happy to see you meeting so many goals.


Week 2: Day 1

Bench: 2x8,1x7-50kg
DB front raises: 5x12-12.5lb dbs
BTN press: 5x6-25kg
isometric bicep walk: 5x25m-12.5lb dbs
rows: 5x6-40kg EMOM
Cardio: 8min easy on eliptical

  • bench felt better than expected- still weak af but who cares , really worked shoulders and chest, rest of it went well

Week 2: day 2

Plan was 5x9 at 80kg. Woke up with horrid ab cramping so high reps were not going to happen. Decided to go heavier

Squat: 5x3-90kg, 3x2-80kg paused 3 sec at bottom
Lying leg raises: 8x10
RDL: 4x8-70kg, superset w/20 bodyweight lunges
Snatch grip dl: 5x3-70kg EMOM
Kbs: 3x10alternating, 3x12 alternating, 3x14 alternating, all w/40lb dbs
Good mornings: 3x6-40kg 3 sec pause at bottom

  • this was a shite show…. 90kg for 3 felt incredibly heavy :sob::sob::sob::sob:, moved really slowly and this took forever, just a bad session ig……



Update: so last night was terrible. Cramping in abs and calves + horrid bloat. I think I got ~3hrs of sleep, not as tired as expected though and made it through the day fine.

On the bright side…. I ended up with an 89 on the analysis test I thought I bombed
Turns out “was proven in the textbook” and the correct numerical answer + “I don’t know how to prove this but there’s a trick from calc 1 that says…” was sufficient to save me 15 points


Hope you feel better soon! Are you dehydrated or something? What do you think all the cramping is from?

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Things got better. Idk where the cramping came from.

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Week 2: day 3

Feet up bench-: 5x9-40kg
Isometric bicep walk: 5x20m-15lb dbs
Press: 5x5-30kg EMOM
Straight arm pull-down: 4x8-32.5lbs, superset w/50 jumping jacks
Lat raises: 3x9-15lb dbs

  • pretty tired and stressed so took it easy, the bench went better than expected, press sucked

Random update: I know why my friend (that one) loosened up suddenly. He got a girlfriend!


Plot twist

Ha! :joy:

I was a bit more down about that than I expected in the moment, but ultimately, I realised that his decision has no bearing on how he sees me academically, which is the only thing I cared about anyways.
Even that doesn’t matter anymore bc my academic hero thinks very highly of me


Week 2: day 4

Deadlift: 1x5-120kg, 4x8-105kg
Lying leg raises: 5x20
Good morning: 2x6,2x7-60kg, with belt, superset with 20bodyweight lunges
Pendlay rows: 2x7, 1x6-60kg
Leg extensions: 5x10-70lb 1 min rest; 5x5-90lbs EMOM
Kbs: 4x24-40lbs, 1arm alternating

  • this was HARD-slept pretty bad, pretty happy I could still manage 120kg for 5, rest of it was a slog


  1. I am so ready to be done with the semester….
  2. I am going to a “party” tonight. My friends finished with one of their classes and are celebrating. Before anyone gets too excited, it’s just 6 people, only 2 of which drink. We’re going to play mario cart.

Ah, yes! I’m feeling nostalgic now—I can’t even fathom the number of hours I burned playing Mario Kart in college.



I love mario cart on the Switch!

I left off of video games like 30 years ago, so the difference was mind blowing.:exploding_head:


Also @SkyzykS

Party update:

  1. Mum gave me a lot of money and drinks+food didn’t cost too much so I put up a $100 incentive for the person who could get my friend (that one) to drink. They actually tried but unfortunately failed. It was very entertaining.

  2. I learned a lot about my classmates that I would not have expected. For example, one of my teammates, a very small and shy girl, apparently really likes fireball whisky and one of the guys told weird stories about his experience in Korean churches.

  3. I am very bad at Mario kart

  4. I left “early” (at 11). Since it was cold and dark, I wanted someone tk walk back with me. The other sober one volunteered but he was the one who brought the switch so the others didn’t want him to go. Tk make sure he came back, they all followed us. Turns out sleep deprived me is worse than drunk them bc I was the least coordinated and coherent….

Overall it was fun but definitely not for me. It got extremely loud with just 6 very introverted ppl. Can’t imagine how bad an actual party would be


:rofl: Look out for that one!

Kiddo is VERY good at it. I’m so-so. It was actually more fun when I sucked. Kinda like ice skating.


They can get pretty loud.

Glad you had fun! :+1:

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Week 2: day 5

55 min weighted walk-26lbs in pack, slight incline

  • felt good and got HR up

Have you tried cardiac hill yet?

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Week 3: day 1

Incline bench: 5x10-40kg; 1x10,2x8,3x6-EMOM
Lateral raises: 5x15-10lb dbs
Flyes: 4x12-17.5lb dbs
Curls: 3x7,1x6-40lb kb
Conditioning: 20min, play around with speed and incline-kept it hard

  • felt pretty slow but happy w/bench, rest of it was a slog, incline walk good


  • I just don’t want to train….but I feel worse if I don’t
  • I have a new Econ friend. He is actually interested in behavioural, does CS AND does not expect anything from me other than academic engagement (contractual counterparty had demands). The caveat is that he’s chronically short on time (president of a frat).
    Anyways, now I’m kind of regretting what happened to my HBS app (again, my fault) bc he’s going to do a predoc at MIT…. That’s two people in Cambridge now

My neck and upper back hurt thinking about that :joy: