Anna's Training Log Part 2

It was a really dumb idea, but that’s what reloads are for :joy:

Deload: Day 6 (last day)

Since gym will be closed over thanksgiving, I am getting back on the plan tomorrow

90min weighted walk- 25lbs in pack

  • felt really great, got blood flowing
  • last night was wild. I randomly woke up at midnight and wasn’t able to get back to sleep until 2. Felt fine today though

Random updates

  1. Real analysis midterm is on Friday, definitely NOT ready but have been spending a ridiculous amount of time studying
  2. Apparently I have an informal acceptance to my dream grad school

That’s outstanding news. You’ve absolutely earned that. Can’t wait for it to go official.

If you’re ever looking for training program ideas, I thought I’d pitch something your way, since you’re crazy enough to do it: Super Good Mornings. After my foray into 20 breathing good mornings to work around my hamstring injury, I’m honestly thinking this might be the next evolutionary step. If nothing else, I see it as the “deadlifting version” of Super Squats, and I know how much you like your deadlift.

I’m thinking, to make it work, instead of SLDLs one would do a set of front squats or possible even clean into front squat once the good mornings are done, in order to still have a quad movement. With the clean, the starting position of the deadlift could still get grooved as well.

A good hoodie would be pretty crucial too, because the bar will rip all the skin off your back for 6 weeks, haha.


OOH!!! That sounds like a great idea for something to do over break

I won’t have access to weights over 135lbs (total)

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Definitely a solid way to make a little weight go a long way. Always liked that about good mornings. My very first workout in my home gym was a max effort good morning workout, because I didn’t have enough weights for squats or deads.


Week 1: day 1

Bench: 3x8,1x6-50kg
Front raises: 5x10-12.5lb db
Btn press: 5x6-25kg, superset with 5burpees
Straight arm pull down: 3x9-30lbs
Tricep push downs: 3x8-30lbs

  • this sucked- bench felt heavy and my hands hurt, took way longer than expected

Week 1: day 2

Squat: 5x8-80kg
Dead bug: 5x12/side
RDL: 5x6-60kg 3030 tempo, superset with 20 walking lunges
Paused good mornings: 3x6-40kg w/3sec pauses
“Conditioning”: 5x100lunges, go up stairs

  • doesn’t look like much on paper but holy shite this destroyed me, very happy w/squats, the paused RDLs were absolutely brutal
  • I’m noticing that I’m needing a lot of time between squat sets. I don’t think it’s conditioning bc my heart rate recovers very quickly, it just feels that my muscles won’t contract… idk


  1. Holy shite lower body workouts make me hungry. I went over yesterday and woke up absolutely starving this morning.
  2. Bombed my exam yesterday. I am devastated. I majorly messed up what was supposed to be a freebie (1/3 of the exam). After I turned in the exam, I realized my mistake… I now don’t have a chance at an A and I really need the A. I hate that grades matter so much….:sob::sob::sob:

Okay idk what I did but my legs have never been this sore

@cyclonengineer @dagill2 @SvenG

My favourite professor hired me to turn his class notes into a textbook. I FINALLY finished my portion. There’s still some editing to be done on my end before sending to him, but I am freaking proud of this


@SvenG @hustlinghat93 Idk what I did , but I’m still feeling really really shite after my squat workout from Friday. Everything is sore and lethargic.
The workout itself wasn’t that bad either
I’ve been eating in a rather considerable surplus (300-500) too

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Worked long and hard through a tough semester and took a bunch of draining final exams, maybe?


This probably would be it.
It’s two days since you’ve had a hard workout and I think we all have enough experienced to remember that when we do get DOMS day 2 is the worse!!

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I mean, I feel worse after this workout than other lower body workouts in the past that were longer/harder

idk… Real analysis was hard

Perhaps the intensity was different ( I mean it was intense enough for you to expressively mention it)

Training is weird like that. I feel worse now hitting 3x5 with lighter weight and 3x widow makers ( 15+ reps) attempts than I did hitting singles with much heavier weight and widowmakers with more weight.

Sometimes our bodies tell us something that defies normal logic when it comes to volume and poundage

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Week 1: Day 3

Kickboxing: warmup + 6 combos, 10 reps/side
Weighted walk: 30min w/ 25lbs in pack, play around with speed and incline

  • felt shite going in but got blood flowing and felt better after

Week 1: day 4

Db incline bench: 5x8-40lb dbs
Front raises: 5x12-10lb dbs
Z-press: 5x8-25lb dbs, superset with 5th grade rows/side
Db flyes: 3x20-15lb dbs
Conditioning: 20min, pushed this

  • felt good, press heavier than expected but happy w/5x8 with the 40s, z press felt good, loved the incline walk.

@ChongLordUno @hankthetank89 @antiquity I’ve been lurking on the conversation about rest intervals. I’ve found that I need longer rest intervals on heavy lifts. I don’t think it’s a conditioning issue though. My heart rate recovers very quickly, but my muscles won’t fire without enough rest


That’s certainly expected. If you shorten the rests, you need to adjust the weight accordingly. You can play around with the length of the rest and the weight on the bar to shift the workout on the strength - conditioning continuum.

Nice work going on here!

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That’s normal. Everyone would want to just be done with 1 min rests. Sadly you shortchange the whole idea of lifting weights like that.
Upper threshold fibers can only fire a few times every 3-5 minutes or so. They also are the ones that give the most strength and hypertrophy. Kinda the good old long distance runner and sprinter comparison. Sprinters also run at full speed and recover for a looong time. The science is pretty clear on this. If load is similar, longer rests produce more strength and hypertrophy. Also, a rest that is a tad too short can make you get less benefits from a set but a rest that is a bit too long has no negative impact. So technically we would want the longest rests possible. Im doin 5-10min for heaviest strength sets. 3 min for hypertrophy. If time is an issue, superset. I do a few pullups and chin ups between every bench and ohp set. I do face pulls between every squat set, etc. Just dont kill yourself when supersetting. Remember that being 5 reps short of failure profuces enough stimulus to progress.

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Week 1: Day 5

Deadlift: 5x8-105kg
lying leg raises: 5x20
good mornings: 2x6, 2x7,1x7-55kg, superset w/20 alt bodyweight lunges
snatch grip DL: 3x5-80kg
pendlay row: 3x6-60kg
KBS: 1x20,22,24- 40lb KB, alt 1 arm
Leg extension: 8x10-70lbs, 1min rests

  • this was INTENSE, deadlifts went smoothly, then struggled my way through the rest of it, moving at half speed the rest of the day LOL

Week 1: Day 6

Press: 5x8-30kg,
curls: 4x6-20kg
feet up bench: 1x12, 2x8, 2x7,2x6-30kg EMOM
Tricep pushdowns: 4x20-22.5lbs
face pulls: 4x20-22.5lbs

  • felt pretty shitty but not as bad as expected, would have taken today off but gym is closed tomorrow-sunday for Thanksgiving. Press was easier than expected, feet up bench really worked entire upper body, triceps and facepulls nice