Anna's Training Log Part 2

Week 3: day 4

Squat: 4x8, 1x6-80kg :sob:
Lying leg raise: 5x20
Good morning: 5x6-60kg
Paused squat: 4x5-60kg, 3301 tempo
Duck walk: 3x36 steps total-40lb kb
Conditioning: 8x(20sec kickboxing combo/side+ 20sec jumping jacks)

  • upper back is still very pissed so avoided pulling, a squats felt pretty strong, rest of workout went well, good mornings especially felt good

Week 3: Day 5

55min weighted walk-25lbs in pack

  • nice and easy, felt good

I’m feeling anxious for summer. I’ll be going back to China and my parents want to go on a couple of trips. I’m worried about having to taking the time off normal training and having much less control over nutrition

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I feel you—I really, really do—but why not try this version instead:

“I’m looking forward to taking the time off normal training and relaxing into much less control over my nutrition while enjoying time with my family.

I’m not being facetious here: I’ve come to learn it’s often just a matter of your own perspective. And over that, you ALWAYS have control.


Big fan of this.

I am strict during my regular life so I can enjoy experiences when the opportunity presents. Otherwise, for what purpose were we being strict in the first place?


Week 3: Day 6

50x10 alt 1 arm kbs- 40lb KB EMOM

  • this was fucking awesome, fastest 50min of my life, vision started blurring a bit towards the end, which was weird

Full disclosure: This past week was the hardest ever, but I turned it around over this weekend. I finished the experiment for my final project and got most of my analysis homework. In celebration, I ordered some cod liver and had a tin yesterday and Friday. That’s a 1400kcal surplus over 2 days :sweat_smile:

Also, shoutout to my friends/teamates:

  1. a grad student not only helped me with the coding for my final project experiment, she redid the entire thing for me, without me asking
  2. My final project teammates for another class have been working extremely hard to get data cleaned. I didn’t have to say anything
  3. My econ friend (an academic older brother) always takes time to read the things I send him. It’s really endearing. He also sent me some job opportunities.

Week 4: Day 1

Incline Bench: 5x10-40kg
Isometric bicep walk: 5x25m-12.5lb Dbs
Btn press: 5x6-25kg, superset w/5 burpees
DB flyes: 3x15-17.5lb Dbs
Seal rows: 3x20-17.5lb Dbs
Conditioning: 16min incline treadmill walk

  • felt good, back and hammies a bit sore but not tired, bench really worked upper body- harder than expected, the BTN press was pretty hard too,workout took longer than expected

Week 4: Day 2 (making up deadlifts from last week)

Deadlift: 5x10-100kg
deadbugs: 5x15/side
Conventional DL: 5x9-80kg, superset w/20 alt bodyweight lunges
trap bar DL: 2x8, 1x9.1x10-80kg
leg extensions: 10x5-90lbs EMOM
Pendlay rows: 5x5-60kg

  • pretty tired going in- deadlifts felt pretty light but grip failed so used straps, rest of it was a LOT harder than expected. made it through though!

Week 4: day 3

90min weighted walk-26lbs in pack

  • bench wasn’t happening, this felt nice

Next week is deload.

@SvenG @T3hPwnisher diet adherence has been shite this week. Been at 2k average I’m not even hungrier, I just want to eat more when I’m stressed. This does not bode well for when I’m in grad school……


Perhaps a sign the diet you have picked is not well suited?


I feel satisfied physically, but I have really really hard time resisting taking extra bites or extra servings

For example, I was feeling shitty today so I justified a container of Greek yoghurt. There was only 1 more container left so I had another one. Then justified some chicken. I went 300kcal over

This would seem to me to be an indication of a poor fitting diet


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I just found this as I was scrolling back to see what your current diet plan was.

My girl Wendy works there! She loves the place too.

I think the correct term for this is disordered eating/ negative relationship with food. Add your body image issues and history of undereating and over exercising and it sounds like a more serious issue than 'not being able to adhere to your diet".

Not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things and if you are in a surplus than just think of it as aiding the goal.

Shitty physically or emotionally?


I’ve been going 100-300kcal over every day this we


Deload: day 1

Gym closed over the weekend for maintenance so switching things up

1 arm alt kbs: 82x12,1x16-35lb kb

  • yep… 1000 kbs, wasn’t too bad but no way I’m repeating this today :joy: @SvenG

I am freaking starving today


Deload: day 2 (Saturday)

55min incline walk

  • took this easier but still got HR up very good

Deload: day 3

Alt 1 arm kbs: 25x12, 25x14-35lb kb, all EMOM

  • this was pretty tough, but got through it, definitely tricked myself a lot and eventually “forgot to quit”

Deload: Day 4

Main gym still closed. Will open tomorrow (in theory)

DB incline bench: 5x5-40lb DBs, 2min rests
lateral raises: 5x10-12.5lb dbs, 1min rests
Tricep pushdowns: 4x10-27.5lbs, superset w/ 50 jumping jacks, no rest btw sets
DB flyes: 5x16-15lb dbs, superset w/50 jumping jacks
front raises: 3x12-10lb dbs
Conditioning: 8 kickboxing combos, 10 reps/side, held 1lb dbs

  • felt good going in, really amazing how much 1 hr of sleep and not trying to solve proofs while half awake can make, really worked chest and triceps,


  1. Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel- finished first draft of term paper with 3 weeks to spare and we finally have a decent idea for social network analysis project

  2. I am ditching (former) contractual counterparty. I was at econ research club and him, my team, my friend (that one) and I were having a side conversation. He randomly brought up how he “miss(es) your (my) place in FL” and shared a rather dirty inside joke we have. He is usually very professional around my team and especially my friend (that one)

  3. Speaking of my friend (that one). I finally had a normal conversation with him that didn’t make me feel like throwing something out of frustration at how behind I am.


Deload: Day 5

Good Mornings: 10x5-60kg
Lying leg reaises: 8x20
More good mornings: 5x10-50kg, superset w/20 walking lunges
KBS: 5x10, 5x12, 5x14, all alternating 1 arm w/ 40lb EMOM
Leg extensions: 5x10-85lbs, EMOM

  • felt good and really worked glutes and hamstrings, the swings went well and got HR up as intended

Holy hip hinge day Batman!