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Anna's Training Log Part 2

Dogs are rewarded with food when they “deserve it”. You are not a dog

Try as in you have never tasted either?

Anyhow you are not going to get fat or noticeable excess fat by indulging one day so maybe just try it :man_shrugging:t3: :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ve never had fried chicken.

It’s been over a decade since I’ve had a doughnut and apparently it wasn’t that memorable bc I don’t have a strong recollection of the taste like I do with cheesecake

I can vaguely reconstruct the taste like I do with alcohols

I am very tempted to walk over to the shop and get a rotisserie chicken. The only thing actually stopping me js the price. I find my way around justifying the calories quite easily

Not all donuts are equal. Some are bland and others… well others are heavenly slices of diabetes and obesity inducing goodness.

Well if you want to try it. Might as well.


This is how one would treat an animal or enslaved human

Fried chicken is awesome. One of life’s amazing simple joys

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I will wait it out today. If I still want it as bad tomorrow, I’ll get some

Also, Anna, your parents give you a generous allowance for exactly this purpose. You betray them when you hoard it away. How can you not see how disordered your behavior is?

You should be in therapy.


Yesterday’s work:

9x(5feet up bench-40kg+20tricep push downs-16.5lbs+ 30 jumping jacks)
Curls: 3x4-20kg

  • felt pretty beat up so did something easy, felt good, I’m starting BBB today… I’m supposed to do 5x10 squats at 70kg :worried: @SvenG im quite scared actually

Also, I’ve been really puffy and bloated lately. My gut is off


You’ve got this, @anna_5588!

Just remember to breathe and rest between sets. I’ve seen JW recommend finishing supplemental sets in about 20 minutes, but I’d say it’s more important that you simply finish them—if you need rest, take it.

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My legs just don’t feel great, hopefully squats will fix that
The longer I procrastinate, the worse they’ll feel

Plus I’m bribing myself with rotisserie chicken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m kind of tempted to try the New Years challenge with 70kg

Absolutely my experience too. No time like the present!

Not sure there’s ever a need to bribe one’s self when chicken is involved! :slight_smile:

You should do what you think best, but just to be clear: I have a specific short-term goal of mastering high-rep sets, I’ve been running such sets for several months, and I’ve been following JW’s Malcom X protocol for the BBB supplemental work for several weeks now. Not only that, but I remain 100% confident in my TMs because—yep, you guessed it—I tested them, and I’m using weights for those sets according to the BBB template I’m running.

Yes, yesterday’s attempt at Pwn’s New Year’s Challenge was just that—a challenge—but the astute reader of my log will notice that I happen to have been training for just such a challenge for quite some time now.


I honestly do not care for high rep sets and would rather do 10x5 at 85kg than 5x10 at 65kg but BECAUSE I have avoided high rep sets for so long. I feel like I could benefit

The New Years challenge would be a challenge for me too. Nice way to kick off the cycle

I’ve done 70kg for 20before on squat and 70kg is warmup weight for deadlift

Somehow, I actually forgot the most important part: I’m eating to support those high-rep sets!

And I’ve gotten a bit fluffier, too. You saw the video of that Challenge attempt yesterday morning, yes? And you’ve seen my progress photos from early December, just before starting BBB, right? I think that’s says it all right there…

But you know this, @anna_5588.

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@SvenG i did it and did it in 20min (including supersets g ab work)

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That’s excellent! Now, enjoy the chicken.

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Still have lunges, leg extensions and conditioning left

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Well… Knock that out then enjoy the chicken. (I imagine it’d be hard to eat while lunging—but maybe that’s just me?)

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Week 1: Day 1

Squat: 1x5-40,50, 1x3-60; 1x5-65,75, 1x6-85; 5x10-70
DB rows: 5x10/side-25lb DB
Deadbugs: 5x10/side
Lunges: 1x10, 12,14 alternating- 50kg
Good mornings: 3x5-50kg
pullups: 3x5
Conditioning: 4x(30sec kickboxing/side+30sec jumping jacks)

  • this was awesome, got the squats in and everything felt smooth. @hustlinghat93 the low back burning has mysteriously disappeared, got a reallly bad headache after the squats but managed to get the rest of the stuff done
  • had plans to work on model after getting back from lunch but mentally useless…