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Anna's Training Log Part 2

The future is not guaranteed.

I don’t know if I want to name this the “Don Quijote argument” or the “groundhog day argument”. We have had it so many times that I can’t foresee any direction it didn’t already have, haha.


Just a tip with the joker sets… Try to take bigger jumps to get to the top set and fight the urge to take smaller ones which would mean more volume.

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I usually do 10kg jumps for warmup, then reduce to 5kg when I get above 85% or so

How Greek of me, haha


Do you believe there is something weak-minded about taking a rest day when you need one?

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No. I’m fine taking a rest day. It’s taking multiple rest days that I’m conflicted about

I’ve been skipping conditioning work because I don’t feel like it. The action (skipping conditioning) might be neutral/positive, but the reason I’m skipping it (to avoid a hard thing) is bad

If you stop training today, how many days do you think it’ll take until you’ve recovered from all the training you’ve been doing? And how many days do you think it’ll take before you are starting to de-train muscles? The neurological component is one thing, but your programming isn’t neuro-driven so I don’t think it matters much.

It can take more than 1 day off to recover from something.


Today’s “work”

20x(10pushups+20air squats)

  • took it easy, felt good

@hustlinghat93 how should I program accessory work? The template I found does not have accessory work laid out


  1. I invited a friend over for brunch (cinnamon rolls). That was really fun. This is the first time I’ve done something like this
  2. The discord friend I watched a movie with today is just a phenomenal human. It got dark and he offered to walk me home.
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Ah yeah 5/3/1 is really notorious for having accessory work as an after thought. With strength being your main goal and considering you will be deloading every 4th week I would go for something like this. (Assuming the template you have is a 4 day one)

Squat 5/3/1 + jokers
5x5 deadlift variant which addresses your deadlifts weak point ( pause, deficit, rack pulls… this depends entirely on where your weak link is)
3x10 exercise which improves the lift above

Deadlift 5/3/1 + jokers
5x5 squat variant which addresses your deadlifts weak point
3x10 exercise which improves the lift above

Bench 5/3/1 + jokers
5x5 Row variation
3x10 lift which has a carryover to your OHP

OHP 5/3/1 + jokers
5x5 pull up/ pull down variation
3x10 lift which has a carryover to your Bench

The above is on the side of lower volume considering you will be going for a rep max every session and will have the deadlift sets daily. With the 5x5 try to increase weight week on week and when you stall or feel like you are about to go 5x3 and then 5x5, add weight 5x3, 5x5 and so on. (Or change out the lift with another variation). Also the lift selection has to be something that you’ve found has a direct correlation with the lift you are trying to improve ( so if you find that when your Close Grip Bench Press get’s better then your Bench flies up in weight that is the lift you focus on)

Reason for addressing the opposite lift with the accessory work is so you are in essence hitting the lifts twice a week each as opposed to hammering 1 lift weekly.


What about the 7th week protocol?

That’s an option but considering she’ll be going for Rep maxes after each session which would mean a 1rm at the end of week 3 it’s not one I think should be used ( certainly when Anna won’t be looking to be in a surplus). Personally I think the risk of Anna being fatigued going into week 4 and hitting less weight for her top set than in week 1 and the mental affect that would have is not worth taking

Maybe if she uses a 90%TM and is fatigued.

@anna_5588 what TM are you using?

You mean fewer reps, right?

No with the joker set methods she won’t go for a X+ set, she will hit her prescribed sets and then she works up to a top set which will be a 5/3/1 rep max on the day based on how she feels

Again the 90% TM will only affect the working sets, she will still ramp up to a 1rm after those sets on week 3.

I think

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Forgot about the jokers. My bad.


90% because that’s what seems standard

Depends on the template

I’m using the most basic beginner’s template and adding the joker sets

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And which one would that be? Which book/article are you going off of?