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Anna's Training Log Part 2

I’m intrigued.

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hit the nail on the head. If I can break the first inch, I"m good (unless there’s a grip issue or my callus tears)

I will try to get one soon.

I want to hear it

sounds about right. Defiitely a no- go then

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I was trying to think of programs that were slightly out of the ordinary for you, and already written out.

The main point though is that before a peaking program, some kind of muscle building program would be useful. Maybe even as basic as Dave Tates Periodisation Bible sample program might work. Full disclosure: I’ve never run this program fully.

Edit: even fuller disclosure: I’m considering starting.

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I would do this

Or this


I’m not sure that would work at my school gym…

looks really cool though! I might give it a try over winter break if the gym I go to allows for that setup

Will definitely work, but I understand your decision


Simple. Follow a program that works well for you overall ( they all seem to so far) and add on everyday (even rest days) 2 sets of 5 of deadlifts.

-Take a weight you can comfortably (so have reps to spare on your worst day) do 5 reps, should be between 75-85%. You have discretion on what weight within that zone you use depending on feeling.

  • Do 2 sets of 5 reps which will be more like 5 singles done with minimal rest, rest and next 5
  • Have a full reset after every rep. Literally Hit the rep, put the bar down, stand up and then go through the set up again for the next rep
  • Every rep done with maximum intent (so should move relatively fast)
  • On days you are deadlifting as part of your program lower the weight to around 50% ( account for fatigue) and do the same thing

You will add 10 reps a day performed as if they were singles (which is what you want to improve), you will practice the lift as a single from set up to lock out 10 times every day.

You will also train in a way where you are getting used to get all the required muscles for them movement firing fast and hard without adding too much pressure on joints due to weight not being high.

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Easy Strength?

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Just googled it and eerily very very similar to what I was talking about considering I never heard of it before now

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Hmm I always forget these, going to add them into the rotation!

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One of my favorite exercises of all time. No technique at all: just send it!

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Perfect - next couple of weeks are higher rep (for me, nothing up to the level of your monstrosities!) No technique grip and rip will be just the thing!

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Yesterday’s work

Incline bench: 5x5-40kg

Superset: feet up bench-cable row

Superset: close grip bench-flyes
5x(10bench-30kg+10flyes-12.5lb dbs)

  • felt pretty good, got a nice pump and got blood flowing nicely

Thanks @hustlinghat93 @dagill2 and @Voxel for the help with the next program
I think I’m going to do go with @hustlinghat93’s suggestion of 5/3/1 with joker sets + daily “2x5” deadlifts at 75-85%

As for rest of break(until Sunday) I feel physically fine but I really don’t want to do any proper workouts…
I’m taking today off for sure and will probably either do stair climbing as easy cardio for the rest of the days or toughen up and get some bodyweight conditioning stuff in


  • classmates are asking me for help on homeworks!!! It feels really nice being useful
  • met with my advisor (the nit picky one) yesterday. He asked me if I wanted to do follow up studies (testing for gender and ethnic differences, different contexts…). I like this project but I’m ready to be done with it. On the bright side, looks like he hasn’t given up on me. I wonder what will happen if I don’t finish this by the time I graduate…
    (Note: this prof had/has no obligation to be involved in this project. I guess he finds the study sufficiently interesting to keep going. Maybe a bit of sunk cost fallacy at this point too)

This is the way.

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So I guess this is one of those “life gives you deload” moments?

The difficulty here is that I have the option to workout and would definitely have in the past, I just don’t WANT to

Yeah. If you don’t want to workout out don’t and don’t force yourself to want to. 4 days over the course of many years of lifting is nothing. (and is barely 1% of a single year).



For me, it’s more of a mindset/mental toughness thing- avoiding doing hard things
There’s also some guilt about not taking advantage of workout time when I have lots of it. In the future, I’ll have much more obligations

Mental toughness does not mean ignoring the signals your body is sending your brain. If you don’t feel like working out when it’s something you enjoy normally its because your body has told your brain “Hey Dummy, I need a break”.


Thanks for the tag Anna. However I’m very hesitant to offer guidance on how to train in this log. I’m happy to answer specific questions, when tagged but I won’t weigh in when it comes to following a program.


I struggle with this pretty bad. I’m off work till Tuesday next week and I’m gonna have to get some drugs and force myself to nap. There’s no way I can stay out of the gym when I literally have nothing to do