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Anna's Training Log Part 2

What ever happened to the good old Russian prison tats that were terrifying and meant something?

That kid looks like a pack of bubble gum with a full body tramp stamp. :rofl:


That’s most young people with tattoos these days. I remember seeing tons and tons of young people at a music festival a while back with tats only on their hands, necks and faces. Imo, those tats come after the rest of your body is covered, not before. And you gotta have a certain look…perfectly arranged hair and skinny jeans don’t pair well with the tough guy look most are hoping their tattoos convey.


Week 9: Day 3

got deadlifts in, made up missed squats (supposed to have been done last week)
Pull-ups: 1-5-1 superset with 2-10-2 burpees

  • everything felt smooth and good, did the deadlifts conventional and I f-ing hate them, good practice though, I think I’m going to use the pull-up burpee thing as somewhat of a benchmark. It isn’t much but Took me nearly 25min to do it the first time, took me less than 10this time. If I can do it in less than 5 and or not have to break up any of the pull-up sets, I’ll be happy


  1. I taught a friend how to squat bench and deadlift today. Hopefully didn’t screw up. Her form looked quite decent but am not exactly experienced in bough to feel confident teaching others
  2. The main research advisor for my for credit independent research project (not the face one) are seriously awesome. Lots of positive reinforcement. His writing style is also very similar to mine. Progress is going very well. Ran some regressions today and made some cool plots. Going to report to them next week and see what happens next. The regressions are significant so we might get to do an experiment!
    I like this project and am very happy to work with these two profs, but I’m quite bothered by the lack of rigour in this kind of research.
    We are trying to see gender differences in lying but so far what I’ve done is download data, clean it, then type stuff into r to produce “significant “ regression model. The r^2 is actually quite high, but the model literally has 4 terms in it, so of course it’s going to be significant. Pure Behavioural stuff is interesting, but I don’t think I’d be happy doing it. Behavioural is “soft”- need my theory. I better start doubling down on the maths so I can do what Kübler does.
    It would be really really awesome if I could work with my friend (that one) on something at some point. He’s all theory and is good at the proofs/formalization. I can do experiments, come up with ideas and write. Unfortunately, he’s just as nitpicky as my advisor ( the OCD one), so it might not work out too well in practice
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All the respectable tattoo artists I have met won’t do that. Which means, not only are the tattoos only in those places, they are likely poorly done.

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I think that the encouragement one person provides another in these types of scenarios is more important than the actual technical information. Everybody starts out weak and with bad form. That should be expected.

But that’s only of the people who choose to begin in the first place. Lots of people want to be stronger in some way, but for what ever reason something holds them back.

So, good job! :+1: The first push is the hardest.

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She reached out to me. Very happy that more people are getting into strength training

I’ve posted sufficiently on the class Discord channel that I’m considered somewhat of a “gym expert”, so ppl there sometimes ask me gym questions. I can usually answer those pretty easy, but this was the first time I’ve actually attempted to teach.

Hopefully I did a good job and she sticks with it

You do your part. Theirs is up to them. There are some people you can’t stop with an army if they want something and others you couldn’t pay enough to do the same thing.

There was a kid in my one welding course that was part of an urban blur word incentivization program that actually Paid kids from certain areas to learn industrial trades.

So the instructor puts him with me. We’re going through the basics of ppe, safety, tools, striking an arc, etc. This kid had his hands in his pockets the whole time. After about a week he finally throws in the towel and says “I think I’m in the wrong place. I don’t like any of this stuff.”. So off he went. Hopefully to greener pastures.

And there I was, borrowing a car to get to class, broke as fuck, trippled up on course load so I could finish a 2 year curriculum before my 6 mos. of unemployment ran out.

:man_shrugging: Dude was right though. He was in the wrong place.

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@tlgains since you seem quite frustrated with your org, I thought I’d share this.
I’m the secretary of the Econ research club (it’s as nerdy as it sounds)
The president (my friend) couldn’t make the meeting today so I was in charge. We were supposed to discuss a paper, but the paper sucked. No one, including me, wanted to discuss it. I said f it and let everyone have random conversations tangentially related to Econ. At one point, we watched a cow video.
For half the people there, it was their first meeting so i basically screwed their impression of the club.
It was a huge oopsie on my part. When my friend finds out, he probably also not going to be pleased and I care more about his perception of me than any of my other friends
HOWEVER, the meeting was very fun and it really doesn’t matter in the end

That’s really cool you’re a secretary of an Econ club. My organization is meant to for students to take advantage of. I want these students to have a career after they graduate and a internship to even be able to graduate. It hurts hearing from the construction management chair person at my school that he knows a lot of former students who don’t have jobs. Previous student org president also knew someone who couldn’t get a job after graduating. They ended up running back to him saying they regretted not improving themselves. Lol he’s signed up for the career fair were having next Friday.

Anna I will never have a careless attitude towards this org but I will admit I shouldn’t let it get to me too much. We actually had our second event yesterday and we got good participation.


Week 9: Day 4

back on track. I’m going to skip next week and start the deload → test next friday

@kdjohn @dagill2 @Cyrrex
I’m debating between GZCL and BBB
both seem quite challenging.

  • get to push for rep PRs often
  • it worked for me (ran it briefly in 2018??? that’s when I hit the 90kg for 15)
  • very flexible and has a upper lower split set up

Pro BBB:

  • challenging program
  • everyone on here has nothing but good things to say about it

Longer term plan:
run 3 months of whichever of the above programs → try sheiko advanced

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My opinion is that the program, unless it’s insane, isn’t as important as the “other stuff”. The less quantifiable stuff, like how well that program fits your mentality, your schedule, your recovery.

That said, if the choice is a binary one, and given I know nothing about GZCL, a few points to consider:

Can also be true for BBB. I tend to push for rep PRs on upper body days, not on lower body days. I find rep PRs on lower body lifts are too draining mentally and physically for me, and also ingrain some really shitty technique.

More importantly: is setting rep PRs necessarily a good thing? I find it’s often a double edged sword, it can be quite stressful having to hit rep PRs every week. It’s a lot of pressure to put on one set. You’re one misgrooved rep or a few extra life stressors away from failure there.

So is 531.

Programs are made challenging or not challenging by the way they are executed. Don’t look to the program to set the challenge, look to yourself. Challenge yourself to make every rep as strong and dominant as possible, and to complete every session in the spirit it was intended.

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good points.

Both would fit my schedule and mentality. I’ve run GZCL before. I’m wondering, would it be worth taking a risk and trying BBB

What would be the risk?

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I have never run it before so I’m not sure what it’s like and whether I’d be able to stick with it

Try a taster cycle of 3 x 10. From there you can judge whether 5 x 10 is right for every lift for you, or whether a different supplemental scheme might work better for different lifts.

Personally, I’ll likely never do BBB deadlifts again.

wait… I hadn’t considered this… I really really really hate high rep deadlifts
… but… it might also be what I need BECAUSE I hate them

Yeah, they suck.

@dagill2 summed it up pretty well, only things I would add:

-Even if you start off doing BBB for deadlifts, you can just scale those back to something easier when they get too crazy
-I only ever do BBB if I am willing to put on 2 or 3 kilo. It is too hard to progress otherwise. Especially if you are doing AMRAPs and FSLs and such good things.


Seconded. BBB with an unwillingness to gain bodyweight is a recipe for burning out HARD.


Okay, I think I’ll stick with gzcl then. I’m also interested in doing a deadlift focused program since it’s been getting neglected lately