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Anna's Training Log Part 2

yes, I’m collecting anecdotes that I could use as scenarios in a survey.

Do you want your classmates to do well?
Or would you prefer they do poorly (relative to you)?

Probably, yeah. If this was something I knew anything about, or cared about, or planned on using in my life, then I might take it more seriously. But if you want to literally know what I would do if in this situation RIGHT NOW, I’d take the shortcut. Maybe that’s bad (?), but that’s my honest answer.

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yes. I want to do well, but because I earned it, not because others are slipping

Would it bother you if a classmate did well and they didn’t earn it?

It’s context dependent.

If it’s not a directly competitive situation (ie we’re in a class and getting separate grades and he/she cheats), I don’t care. If it’s a competition, but the outcome doesn’t really matter to me (ie a natural powerlifting comp and some competitor is on gear), I don’t care.
If it’s competitive AND the outcome matters (ie we’re on the job market and the person published more papers by p-hacking), then I care

It’s not that I necessarily think it’s “wrong”, it’s that I’m being harmed.

At my school, the general feeling was that classmates wanted each other to well. We all shared our work with each other. It sounds like you feel the same way.
IMO ethics should not even be in question. You’re paying a lot of money to A) learn and B) get a degree. If you don’t care to learn something, then don’t. I think your view will change once you’re out of school. No one cares whether or not you wrote your own code on an economics assignment in 2021.


Week 5: day 4 (Wednesday)

Devils press 10-20lbs+15-17.5lbs+20-15lbs+25- 12.5lbs
Close grip incline press: 4x8-30kg
Bottoms up kb press: 3x2/side-8kg kb

  • legs really really sore but felt decently good so did some light devils presses to get blood moving, this was a good idea, rest of the stuff was just east pump work- felt good

Week5: day5(yesterday)

  • this sucked… got through though- took my sweet time, squats actually moved decently well, bench went well too, supersetted dips with squats, supersetted french press-30kg with good mornings at 35kg

@wanna_be i got into a conversation about “having fun” with a couple of friends. This got me thinking.
I don’t feel like I’m missing out in most respects since I don’t actually enjoy a lot of what is considered “fun”. I still enjoy participating in goofy chats with them on discord or having small talk about random things with sorority sisters while messing around in the kitchen
However, after some thinking, I realize that I somewhat feel like I’m “missing out” when it comes to relationships (a lot of my sorority sisters and female friends from HS have boyfriends).
The thing is that I don’t think I actually want a boyfriend. It’s more of a FOMO/social norms thing (my friends have one, I should want one too). I already have everything I’d want in a relationship… it’s just with multiple guys (two gym buddies, one is for talking about life stuff, then there’s the one I always talk about for research/school). There’s also the component that no one’s ever actually liked me and it would be nice to experience that.

I feel like I’m in an awkward position bc my new friends like “fun” more than me while the ones I respect the most are content to stay in their rooms and work. All the small talk/goofing around would not be acceptable with them. I wish I was more like the ones who worked.

How do you imagine they view you? Like, if they had to describe you, how would they?

Or, if you met yourself as a stranger (someone exactly like you came in as a sorority sister), what would you think of her? What would she be like? Would you like her? Why or why not?

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No idea. They are nice to me so I assume I’ve made somewhat of a positive impression. With that said, I do not act in the same way with all my friends. For example, I laugh and giggle with my sorority sisters, reference pop culture or potty humour with my discord friends, but I interact with my Academic friends more like how I interact with my professors- more professional, little talk outside of research and Econ. Actually, the friend I always talk about knows less about me than some of my professors(certainly less than my advisor) because he isn’t interested in a lot of the stuff that matters to me (cooking, gym, writing, animals) and I don’t want to waste his time.

I might be able to find out over the next three days. It’s sorority recruitment