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Anna's Training Log Part 2

@simo74 I didn’t want to clog up ChonglordUno’s log

I really don’t like it when others point out that i’m not applying adequate effort. I KNOW I’m not.

Certainly wasn’t implying anything about your effort. If you have taken offence to that then please accept my apologies as that was not my intent.
I am not across your training and have no way of knowing what effort you are applying, only you know that. I was simply joining the conversation about deadlifts being fun or not.

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I’ve never been to a “dark place” during a workout. I end up stopping myself before that point or just don’t get there. That’s what I mean by “lack of effort”.

I am the same with regards to my training in the gym, only dark place I have seen was when I was a runner.


When I do hard workouts (ie 10x10 squats/deads or 400 repeats when I did XC), I’d mentally check out in a sense and somehow make it through the workout

However, if the workout is too easy, I get bored and start thinking again

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Cool, any progress on getting your period back? That would be the biggest win. I hope you have been able to move forward on that front.


A “dark place” is subjective and you continually attempt to apply the definition of effort according to what others have done. This is all fine and good, except that you literally do nothing but beat yourself up over what you supposedly fail to do and don’t do anything to learn from what others have done and apply it appropriately to your situation.

You are indeed not applying adequate effort, but it’s not in your training where you’re lacking Anna.


Actually yes. Blood tests came back and showed increases and all major hormone markers


That’s good but not the only step. I sincerely hope you are taking this seriously, which is unfortunately the most I can do.

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Quoting for emphasis. It’s not necessary either to go to “a dark place” to lift big. I’ve actually stopped doing that in training alltogether (on purpose) because it is very draining and actually more hindering than useful for me. When I hit the biggest lift of my career, my head was absolutely empty. I just concentrated on my technique and purposely didn’t think about the weight on the bar (even avoiding looking at it) so I wouldn’t get scared and emotional. Just days earlier I failed the weight 7 times with using adrenaline, smelling salts and going to dark places in my mind. Left me pretty damn down.

Effort looks absolutely subjective. Some people will bash their heads against a wall, some will look like they’re about to murder someone and others will just smile.

I think the older/ more experienced lifters get, the less they rely on emotions for training.

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Fantastic news. This is the best thing I’ve read in this log.

I agree for strength training. I lift better without hype up stuff. Conditioning is another matter entirely, I need that anger and determination to get me through.

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Oh you’re right, I only focused on the strength aspect in my abstract. When I focused heavily on conditioning during my football days, I was fueled with emotions every step of the way. Then again, I was younger.

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Yup. It’s exhausting to be angry so much. Big part of it too is you can go much deeper much quicker into the darkness with experience too.


I’m never more calm than when I’m out in my garage lifting.

Same. I’ve never understood the hype up crew and people jumping around, yelling, hitting… etc.

Minus the heavy breathing, sweat, and possibly a look of despair, I approach a heavy/hard lift the same way I’d walk up to something on the shelf at a grocery store :joy:. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me.
Obviously the intensity is through the roof during the lift, but before and after I have zero antics.


Week 10: Day 5 (yesterday)

1-5 pullups w/ 2x burpees between sets
10min jog
2-10 (up by 2) kbs-45lbs w/1-5 navy seals btw sets
6x(30sec kickboxing/side+30sec rest)
2x(10rows+10 burpees)
Pullups: 6x2

  • felt a bit tired so did some light work, felt good, pullups felt smooth

Week 10: Day 6

Giant set: squat jump- front squat/backsquat combo- KB rows
5x(4 jump squats+(3front squat+5back squat)-135lbs+10kb rows/side-25lbs)

Back squat: 5x3-135lbs w/ 45sec rests, explosive

Super set: good morning- pullup
3x(8 good mornings-75lbs+2 pullups)
1x(10 good mornings-65lbs+2 pullups)
1x(10 good mornings-65lbs+3pullups)
1x(10 good mornings-65lbs+4 pullups- unbroken!)

Tabata squats- 20lbs+4 pullups- unbroken!

  • felt quite good, wanted to squat, the front squat/back squat combo is quite the killer- didn’t really feel too out of breath or muscles working but really hard to complete, wanted to do 90sec rests but clearly wasn’t going to happen, pullups continue to feel amazing, good mornings felt good

Greg Nuckols is well known for laughing and telling jokes right before absolutely sending a massive squat. I really respect that in a sea of guys headbutting walls and snorting chalk


I hype up and use all sorts of mental tricks and bargains to get through a hard conditioning session or high rep squats or something where serious mental willpower will be needed. I try and keep everything calm and chilled on heavy lifts.


@dagill2 @TrainForPain Honestly, I think I’m either bored or slightly burnt out. Everything kind of feels empty and pointless. This usually happens when I’m not keeping busy w/ school. I theoretically have research work, but it’s hard to motivate myself. I did join a very good maths study group and our first meeting was amazing. should alleviate the issue somewhat
Right now for training, I’m just punching the clock and getting work in. Definitely taking longer rests than probably needed and not pushing as optimal

@RT_Nomad The guy leading the study group is an educator w/ 30 years teaching maths. He has such a unique perspective and really does a good job drawing connections between abstract algebra and middle school algebra. If I had someone like him as my maths instructor, I might not have given up on it in HS

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