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Anna's Training Log Part 2

Week 15: Day 5

Press: 1x14/side, 1x12/side, 5x8/side- feet together, all w. 25lb KB
Renegade row: 3x6/side-25

  • went on a boat this morning so felt very dizzy/unstable going in- kept it short, didn’t really feel anything muscularly, but hard to complete

Week 15: day6

40min weighted walk-45lbs

  • felt pretty good, weighted walk getting easier, rows and kbs got held up a bit- nice little finisher

Weekly checkin:

Weight: 96.6, was 97.6yesterday

  • still a bit blocked up but feeling better
  • Went a way overboard on yogurt and cheese today so things won’t be pretty :joy:
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I feel bad you went through all this work to have your post ignored so I wanted you to know I appreciated it.

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It was a very good post, I just don’t know now to respond

Just want to say you’re looking significantly better/healthier than you did back in January


With honesty.


Thank you, hearing that matters. Oddly perhaps. But it does. So thank you (again) for the acknowledgement.


Any response at all would go a long way.

It’s not the first time you @ me and I reply but once we come up against the realities of your situation your next post ends up being a training session, not a furthering of the conversation. I understand that it is not easy to hear these things though, which is (I suppose) why I stomach it.

But a “That gives me some valuable information to consider” is more reciprocative than silence.


I thank you for the post. It was very helpful

Absolutely. I knew it was going to be completely dodged too unfortunately.

Week 16: Day 1

Sprints: 9x(10 high skips+50m sprint)
Jumps: 5x(5swings-45lbs+5jumps-25lbs)

  • felt good and killed hamstrings/glutes- harder than expected, surprisingly got HR up

@Voxel I’m sorry for being rude. I’ll try not to bother you in the future and when I do, I’ll acknowledge your contribution

@cyclonengineer We’re not doing non homogenous systems of diff eqs :cry: On the one hand, it’s less work for me. On the other hand, diff eq is cool. Also, Real analysis is NOT happening :joy:

Any of the analysis or numerical methods courses are difficult.
Hardest math course I took was probability and stochastic processes but that was a grad course.
Optimization is an interesting math course.

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Isn’t that just Econ? :joy:

Will back right back out after noting that it’s interesting that your mother, who is the greatest protective factor against your eating disorder, also regularly makes points like this, with which you agree because it is basically a weight loss strategy (don’t eat before bed! because that eliminates the evening snack time that’s such a weight-gainer for some people). She’s also willing to note that you’re bloated and pregnant looking at times.

I would suggest that your mother has very mixed feelings about weight-related things. She wants you to be healthy, but was clearly raised to be “nice and trim.”

Beware these mutually exclusive messages.


I recall months ago trying to post a similar idea, but you are getting right to the point here. Anna’s mother means well, but does her no favors on any of this. She is legally an adult, but is going to continue to get treated like a child forever, unless she figures out how to break out of it.

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Well, I don’t think it’s “diet culture”.
Eating heavy at night/before bed is frowned upon by traditional Chinese medical knowledge (trust me, they weren’t trying to lose weight)