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Anna's Training Log Part 2

Week 2: Day 4

10x(farmers walk up stairs-3 flights w/35lb Kbs+20pushups+down stairs+20alt pistols)- 20min
Overhead Press: 2x5-30kg, 2x2-35kg
Technique: HS hold

  • I was going for AMRAP 15min, but I felt good and before I knew it, I’d done 10 rounds- farmer’s walks a LOT easier than expected,I’ll be using the 40s next time, Press felt good, but I’ve REALLY let things slip on that end :laughing:

30min weighted vest walk-35lbs in pack

  • got HR up, felt quick and good



It’s the carbs- I feel like I’m on jet fuel and there not 10+ sets of squats to burn through it so I’m practically bouncing around

Tbh nothing I can add now without repeating myself, I’m tapped out.

We’ve told you how to get stronger, so if you really want to, then do that.

If you really want to make sure you end each day absolutely certain you’ve burned every calorie you’ve eaten and have left the tank absolutely empty, then do that instead :man_shrugging:.


You have been in a perpetual state of exhaustion for so long you are mistaking the feeling of being “normal” for excessively energized.

That feeling you are feeling is the feeling of being a human. Don’t try to correct it.


In case you missed it and didn’t read.

Yeah… not pretty…:sweat_smile: I don’t even want to think about what my weight is :joy:

You had a fruit buffet and you have some water retention. Why are you surprised by this?

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How long will it take to “flush “ out?

depends how consistent your diet is and what you eat today and the rest of the week.

Could be gone by tomorrow morning, could a few days of looking ‘off’ if you mess around by suddenly cutting carbs in a panic (so you rebound by losing the bloat but looking flat), doing extra conditioning and raising cortisol.

If you’re generally consistent and dont obsess over a mirror shot then these things are typically blips that you let slide.


On the bright side, my biceps look bigger :laughing:
Honestly, eating more is fun for a day or two, but It’s getting hard

You’ve got to work hard to achieve what you want to achieve.


I would like to reiterate that your dieting habits of cramming as muhc veg in as you can is not the best approach right now. If you’re struggling with food volume then eat less of the low density foods and more of the calorific foods. Portion sizes don’t have to change at all. You don’t have to eat ‘more’.


or for her in general. We know the purpose of this venture is to gain weight to get the hormone panel up. I just wonder about a few things.
Cruciferous vegetables have been proven to lower estrogen levels. She has bragged repeatedly about being able to pound down a kilo of cabbage and other green leafy vegetables. Maybe, just maybe the intake is so high that she is shooting herself in the foot here? What say you @whang?
Is it possible to eat enough cabbage/ brassica vegetables to alter your hormones for worse? If you started in a deficit to begin with?


The impact from a prolonged calorie deficit and low levels of subcutaneous fat is likely going to far outweigh anything that specific micronutrients in the veggies are. But that amount of veggies is probably causing the former anyway. So eithe way they arent helping


There’s where the discipline comes in.

Try evening it out a little and developing consistency, like a 2 egg sandwich for breakfast every day, same food, same time. 10:00 protein bar. 12:30 steak sandwich, 4:00 tuna salad, etc.

She won’t eat bread, so the sandwiches are out. Lol That would be way too simple.

Genuinely the only difference I notice is that you are wearing your pants higher.


I drink 3-4l/day😅


Yeah, I have a seven year old too. Things like that just don’t even register to me any more. :joy:

One of my more often used phrases–“I didn’t ask what you like. I told you to eat.”.