Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 2)

Change of plans: day 6 (yesterday)

Squat: 6x1-195lbs, 60sec rests
Good mornings: 5x8-135lbs
Press: 5x5-75lbs
4x(10trap bar dl-135lbs+ 20pushups)

  • tailbone good enough to handle heavy singles, legs were fine though- programme was 5x2 so getting 6 with short rest is pretty good all things considered, normal deadlifts still off the table, tried some tbdl and it was okay but tailbone eventually got pissy. Leg extensions pissed off right knee so decided to bail on those :unamused:

Why not follow the program?

Tailbone hurt too much for a second rep in the set. Needed break to reset

I asked in the SBS Facebook group and they suggested doing singles to maintain strength

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Change of plans: day 7 (yesterday)

Nice little hike in Griffith park with new contractual counterparty

Went to dinner at a Korean place with really high quality meat. Had a reasonable amount of meat. Had a very unreasonable amount of the free kimchi :joy: (somehow only up 1lb :thinking:)

Then went back to the park to see the night view

…… and talked about how to build a neural network to measure light pollution from photos

All in all, good thanksgiving


@T3hPwnisher @SvenG im finding that I’m mentally able to handle way less work than before summer both in terms of training and academics any ideas why?

Also, I still haven’t gained strength back. Today 195 for a double was a grind whereas back in April, I could do 90kg for easy triples

Stress is pretty catabolic, and from my observations you will place even more stress on yourself when your body responds to stress in the way most bodies do.

Along with this is the mental anguish that comes from the nutrition side of things. I would be mentally exhausted. I know I certainly was when I was sick and nutrition consumed every waking moment of my existence


Change of plans: day 8 (yesterday)

Squat: 1x2, 8x1-185-195lbs, 1min rest btw singles
RDL: 4x5-155lbs w/ 3sec eccentric and concentric
Rows: 5x5-115lbs
Adductor machine: 5x10-75lbs, 1min rests
30min Pilates with cohortmate

  • still stuck doing singles but smooth enough- really disappointed bc the double felt like a grind but last year at this time, I was doing 90kg for triples, rest of it was fine…… Pilates is HARD

How dafuq did I manage to do this

For context, I was

  1. taking 5 classes, including real analysis (weekly problem sets), a PhD class where I was working on a final project a social network analysis class which assigned 100-150 pages of difficult mandatory reading/week and a final project
  2. working on senior thesis
  3. constant admissions stress
  4. Basically writing a textbook

That’s 30-50% more schoolwork than I have now and I don’t have admissions stress

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Week 6 (redo): day 1

Squat: 5x4-165lbs, paused and Beatles
Good mornings: 3x10-115lbs
Press: 5x5-65lbs emom
Btn press: 3x8-45lbs

  • squat felt reasonably good- the tailbone barely hurt! Press was harder than expected but whatever, good effort

I was doing some pretty crazy lifting when my testosterone was in the double digits.

When the body is in “fight or flight”, it can do some WILD things…but eventually, a price has to be paid.


Sorry, @anna_5588, I’m late to the party. @T3hPwnisher nailed it with his responses, but this part really stood out to me:

I know I’ve experience this situation firsthand.

Thanks for the tag, in any case.


Week 6: day 2

Rope pull machine: 8x(3min moderate (used easier setting)+ 30sec rest)
Tricep extension: 3x20-22.5lbs

  • quick workout and got HR up, nice cardio and quick pump

I’m nowhere near as tired or hungry as expected after 2 consecutive heavyish squst days, still want to eat everything though


Week 6: day 3 (yesterday)

Db bench: 3x10-35lb dbs, 1min rests
Close grip bench: 3x20-20kg, 1min rests
Db flyes: 3x10w/3 sec pause at bottom, 1min rests
Conditioning: 8x(20sec ball slams+20sec rest), 6x(40sec ground to overhead-25lb plate+20sec rest)

  • worked upper body and got HR up

Week 6: Day 4

Conventional Deadlift: 4x5-225lbs
paused squat: 4x4-125lbs 3010 tempo
Seated row: 5x4-85lbs EMOM
Leg extensions: 2x5, 1x12-70kg w/10sec eccentric, 3x6-100lbs
KBwork: 5x10-50lb kb alt 1 arm, 5x10 alternating gorilla rows-50lb kb

  • felt good enough to deadlift conventional but still felt like I’d tear myself a new arsehole- was heavy but felt good enough legs felt weak, rest of it was fine, the KBS were nice


  1. I’m down to 104-104.4 in the morning (post dump)- YAY! Also update, cohortmate had an impromptu gathering- I was hungry and had ~500cal worth of chocolates and grapes above allotment… oops… probably going to be up 2-3lbs tomorrow.
  2. I have reached new levels of tiredness and uselessness. On the bright side, I’ve managed to complete my econ problem set without help

Week 6: day 5 (yesterday)

5 min elliptical
Seated leg curl: 3x10-40lb a, slow eccentric
5min elliptical
Leg extensions: 4x6-85lbs, 5sec eccentrics
5min elliptical
Adductor machine: 3x12-60lbs

  • good accessory day-got HR up and pump

Week 6: day 6

Db incline bench: 1x11,12,13,14,15,16, 17, supersetted with 100jumping jacks, 30lb dbs, 90 sec rest btw supersets
Front raises: 1x10,12,14,16,18,20, supersetted with 100jumping jacks, 10lb dbs, 60 sec rest btw supersets
Bottoms up kb press: 4x4/side-20lb kb

  • got Covid shot so have to work shoulders :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Week 9: Day 1 (turns out I mislabelled)

Squats: 5x3-175lbs, 2 sets with pause
Good mornings: 1x5,6,7,8-135lbs
Feet up bench: 4x6-95lbs
Leg extensions: 1x18, (6 w/ 10sec eccentric)-55lbs; 1x15, (6 w/10sec eccentrics)-60lbs, 1x1265lbs, all w/ 90sec rests
abductor machine: 3x10-90lbs, 60 sec rests
Conditioning: 8x(20sec kickboxing/side+20sec rest)

  • This absolutely sucked- the squats felt incredibly hard, I wasn’t sore and the weight didn’t feel heavy- it just felt like my legs wouldn’t fire, Could this be a CNS issue? Rest of it was fine- just tired. I think I’m getting too lean and or not eating enough tbh.


  • I relooked at my log and it seemed like I was often going “off the rails” on a 2000 cal diet last year. rn my “off the rails” ends up ~2000 and I’m much more adherent than I was last year
  • I also think the weight plates at the old uni gym might have been too light

And I think it’s far more likely you’ve gotten stronger…

idk, I’ve improved in some aspects (body composition and paused squats)
but I’m doing less weight for less reps and able to handle less work. I’m honestly leaning toward the plates at the CMU gym being light

I’ll only be out of the gym for 11 days this winter break, so we’ll see

@twojarslave you seem to be the resident history expert.

How did Soviet factories obtain the materials needed to build armaments during WWII?

Were they allocated them by central gov or was there some kind of point/implicit pricing system