Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 2)

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This sounds amazing to me. In 10 years (in 10 months!) this break will have had no tangible effect on your training progress.

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I’m definitely lucky to be able to go on this trip. It’s just not what I like doing. I’d much rather stay in the US and have a nice quiet 10days with immediate family in FL. Travel gives me anxiety

Week 8: day 2

Front squat: 5x5-135lbs
Paused squat: 5x5-135lbs
Overhead press: 5x3-85lbs
Cardio: 25min easy on elliptical

  • went with friend so took a long time and didn’t do much

I thought I’d recap my trip to San Diego.
What did I do?
Gym and work. Basically, I lived a counterfactual day in the life
The original plan was to go to sea world or the zoo but both of us had too much work to do.
It was nice seeing him and I got to meet his girlfriend, but still…. I hate that I basically wasted $250


Week 8: day 3 (yesterday)

Rope climb machine: 10x(1min hard+30sec rest)
Leg extension: 5x8-85lbs
Db bench: 2x15-35lb dbs
Lateral raises: 4x12-15lb dbs

  • quick and easy, got HR up- grip was shot for some reason or I would have gone longer on the rope climb machine,

Week 8: day 4

Good mornings: 2x20, 2x11 w/3sec pause at bottom, 95lbs
Abductor machine: 4x20-85lbs, 60 sec rests
Adductor machine: 4x8-55lbs, 60 sec rests
Cable row: 3x8-70lbs

  • felt like doing some non quad work- the good mornings really burned and got the job done, worked legs without destroying them

Week 8: day 5

50min on elliptical- start off easy, go moderate, end easy

  • felt really good

So…… I was an idiot and slipped on the stairs and bruised by tailbone pretty bad……
looks like I’ll be taking some time off squats. Good thing this coincides with conference and am very lucky that I didn’t get hurt worse.
On another note, I’m pretty happy w/ myself bc I didn’t cry.


Change of plan: Day 1

Good mornings: 8x12-115lbs
press: 4x8-65lbs
btn press: 4x5-65lbs

  • squats were a nogo, even good mornings sucked and had to go light and take long rests, also no lunges or seated/lying on back exercises. No desire to do cardio

I got the worst score I’ve ever gotten. Even worse, it’s an econ exam so feeling particularly down about it. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but still makes me feel really incompetent


Change of plans: day 2 (conference)

8min emom
Odd: db snatch-30lb db, start at 10 total and increase 2/round
Even: 10 1side renegade row total-30lb db

8min emom
Odd: 10db snatch-30lb db
Even: 1side renegade row total-30lb db, start at 10 and increase 2/round

Seal rows: 5x20-20lb dbs, 1min rests

  • quick but pretty intense workout, got HR up and upper back pump

Hey sorry saw your message late. No reply from mods?

Change of plans: day 3 (yesterday)

Round 1
Push-ups: 50x10, emom


Round 2
Push-ups: 30x10 emom

  • 10 is not a lot, but after 20min, 10 gets hard…. Anyways, I’m happy I managed to get this done

Change of plans: day 4 (yesterday)

1arm kbs: 50 (total) down by 2 (total)-30lb kb

  • really intense but felt good and quick- definitely made me feel better about overeating massively on cheese the night before


  1. Conference was awesome!! I loved meeting back up with my friends and former profs from undergrad and listening to the talks. A surprising number of people who I had cursory interactions with during undergrad remembered me, which was a pleasant surprise. Also, my poster got good reception. They thought that the effect I found was interesting. Unfortunately it’s not in my best interest to pick that project back up.

  2. Tailbone is still a bit painful but my knee is good enough to squat to depth again. Yay!!



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I’m feeling really really shitty about my lifting right now.

I’m barely making any progress and am weaker than I was before summer. Just thinking about summer makes me mad. I had the perfect opportunity to train and was in a surplus but couldn’t bring myself to train hard so I just got fatter and weaker.

I still can’t get myself to push as hard as I’d like right now so I’m still weaker. Idk what’s wrong

Now with the bruised tailbone, I’m set back even more……:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I honestly want to give up sometimes

I’m not sure what to tell you Anna.
Reading through your log history might be a useful activity. You’ll see how far you’ve come and you might pick up some wise recommendations.
Progress is going to be slow. It’s going to be up and down. But until you can let yourself rest and eat without anxiety and regret, I don’t think you’ll achieve your potential.


Are you still being trained by a coach?

I was never doing training coaching. I was working with a nutrition coach and that was very helpful (I lost fluff!) but I had some unexpected expenses so am not in a financial position to get one.

I’m following the SBS programme and have done a better job of actually following the programme than programmes in the past.

I have made progress in terms of building muscle, but I’m still weaker pound for pound in the power lifts than I was precovid. I have no excuses because I’m also healthier in terms of hormones

Does this mean you’re not fully following the program?

I am, but some weeks are crazy wrt research work or equipment availability so I switch between the three lifting days/week and 4 lifting days/week templates

If you’re following a good program, not altering it beyond frequency (ie: not going for PRs for no reason/not adding onto it) and eating well, the only missing element is patience. You were doing a lot of damage to yourself previously: the undoing will take time. But, thankfully, you have an abundance of that.


Change of plans: Day 5

Rope pull machine: 10x(90sec on +30sec rest)
cable rows: 4x10-70lbs
lateral raises: 3x15-12.5lb dbs

  • short but hard workout- gym was absolutely packed for some reason and I was tired (poor sleep)