Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 2)

Week 6: day 3 (yesterday)

10min easy on bike
Db lateral raises: 5x10-12.5lbs, 50jumpiny jacks as rest
Seal rows: 1x100-15lb dbs
Tricep extensions: 10x(30sec tricep extension +30sec jumping jacks)

  • got HR up and good pump in shoulders and triceps

Need some advice: next week is a deload week. I am tired and could use the deload but it makes more sense to start the deload in 2 weeks, do I just push?

You answered the question before you asked it, @anna_5588.

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Week 6: day 4 (yesterday)

Deadlifts: 3x4-255lbs…… shite
Conventional DL: 1x8-185, 195, 205
Press: 3x5-75lbs
Abductor machine: 5x15-80lbs
Leg extension: 4x8, 1x7-100lbs
Rope climb machine: 14x(20sec+10sec rest)

  • this… was…. HARD, deadlifts sucked and couldn’t complete, rest of it fine-just a very long grind

Deload BEFORE you need it.


Week 6: day 5 (yesterday)

Body weight leg work: 10x10 split squat/side EMOM; 5x(9 frog pumps+9 glute bridges)-EMOM
Leg extensions: 4x12, 4x4 w/10 sec eccentric-70lbs
Abductor machine: 3x10-75lbs EMOM
Adductor machine-6x8-45lbs EMOM
Bench: 1x10,8-95lbs, 1x6,4-105lbs, 1x2-115lbs
Db flyes: 3x9-20lbs, pause at bottom

  • this was hard but got blood flowing, good accessory day

Deload: Day 1

Squat: 4x5-135lbs w/ 3sec pause at bottom, 1x15-135lbs
Lunges: 1x100 total-20kg
leg extension: 4x20-55lbs
abductor machine: 1x100-60lbs
rope pull machine: 2x100m as fast as possible w/ 90sec rest btw 100m “sprints”, 1x20sec, 30sec, 40sec, 50sec w/10sec rests btw sets

  • always like to push it on the first day of deload ><, this was a lot harder than expected and that was the intention, it’s really cool how much I’ve improved on the rope machine

Plan: I’m going to deload until thursday → start early to get ahead of the travel weekends coming up


Deload: day 2 (yesterday)

50min weighted vest walk-25lbs
15min easy on bike
Ducking around in seated hamstring machine

  • got HR up and felt pretty good despite legs being dead, the hamstring machine doesn’t make sense- won’t be using it again

Deload: day 3

Seated cable row: 8x4-85lbs, 5x9-55lbs, 1min rests
Feet up bench: 2x15, 1x10-65lbs, 1min rests
Tricep extension: 3x10-32.5lbs
Seal rows: 4x15-25lb dbs, 1min rests

  • quick and “easy”, got good pump

Deload: day 4 (yesterday)

Push-ups: 20down by 2, 10 box jumps-20in btw sets
Rest 1 min
3 rounds, rotate EMOM
10ball slams-20lbs
20alt linges

Lateral raises: 5x5-15lbs w/5sec eccentric

  • got HR up and felt good,

Week 8: day 1

Squat: 3x4 paused, 2x4 normal speed, all 165lbs
Deadlift: 1x11, 3x3 paused, all w/225lbs
Good mornings: 4x7-135lbs
Press: 3x8-75lbs
Leg extensions: 2x(1-10sec eccentric+9regular speed), 2x5 w/10 sec eccentric, all w/75lbs
Abductor machine: 3x18-90lbs

  • squats felt shite but deadlifts felt strong, everything else was shite (well duh), made it through,

Week 8: day 2 (yesterday)

Front squat- 3x10-115lbs
Feet up Bench: 3x10-85lbs
Rope pull machine-15min east
Elliptical: 5min moderate hard

  • was sore, ended the workout less sore, mission accomplished

Some unexpected things have come up in addition to the pre planned travelling. Schedule will be all jumbled.


Maybe the mods should stop this post limit if it’s on your own log lol. Dunno who to tag anymore though

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Week 8: Day 3

Squat: 5x3-175lbs, paused
good mornings: 3x10-115lbs
seated cable row: 1x12,13,14,15-55lbs
leg extensions: 5x5-105lbs
adductor machine: 3x8-45lbs w/5 sec eccentrics
bodyweight work: 300 air squats+200 pushups+100 lying leg raises

  • so… weekday going to be hectic so decided to frontload heavy work, the squat was a lot harder than expected but smooth all things considered, rest of it was super super tough but made it through

@Mod_Phoenix @Mod_Starr This 6 post limit on my own log is very irritating


Week 8: Day 4

10min easy on bike
Lateral raises: 8x10-12.5lbs EMOM
10 min moderate hard on bike
JM press: 3x10-20kg

  • quick, good pump and got HR up

Week 8: day 5 (yesterday)

50min weighted walk-30lbs

  • quick and easy, got HR up and felt good

Week 8: day 6

Bench: 20 down by 2-65lbs, 100 jumping jacks btw sets
Tricep extensions: 3x(12-27.5lbs+14-22.5lbs)
Reverse fly: 3x15-10lb dbs

  • really good pump, got HR up and was fun

Looks like we are going on a 9 day vacation in Europe for winter break-2 travel days, 3 days skiing, 4 days in London. I’m really anxious. So much food and no proper training.
Every time I’ve gone on vacation, I get set back. I hate travel. I just want to chill with family


One day, hopefully, you’ll be able to look back and regret regretting this.


Week 9: Day 1 (still getting ahead of shite)

Deadlift: 1x8, 1x4,3 -245lbs
snatch grip DL: 5x2-185lbs, grip issue :sob:
feet up bench: 6x5-85lbs
leg extension: 2x7,2x6-105lbs
Abductor machine: 3x10- 105lbs
Cardio: 10min easy on bike + cable row:5x3-185lbs EMOM + 10 min moderate on bike

  • deadlift finally felt good and this killed legs but got it done, solid workout


  1. Going to San diego on Saturday to visit friend. Both of us underestimated the amount of work we have, so he’s going to lecture me on game theory to prep for a midterm and I’ll be practising my presentation for conference next week, then both of us will be working on our research projects :sweat_smile:
  2. advisor is super happy with me

Did I miss detailes of this somewhere along the way? Congratulations are in order, I assume?

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Oh, I am presenting a poster on my senior thesis project at SJDM

I’m just excited to be able to drop that project for good after thus


Congrats! That’s awesome.

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