Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 2)

Ahh okay, that makes sense

Week 1 day 3 (yesterday)

Elliptical: 40min easy

  • nice cardio to get blood flowing

Week 1: day 4

Deadlift: 1x5, 1x20(not a typo)-195lbs
Paused squat: 5x5-115lbsw/2 sec pause 1/2 way bottom and 2sec pause at bottom
Db bench: 1x25-30lbs
Pendlay row: 2x5-135lbs
Seated row: 2x10, 1x12,14-55lbs
Cardio: 40min weighted walk-25lbs

  • this was great but absolutely wrecked me, hamstring got very pissed from the deadlift amrap, back got a beating too lol, was super hungry and went 300kcal over oops

Week 1: day 5 (yesterday)

Press: 5x5-65lbs Emom
Db flyes: 3x20-15lb dbs
Leg extensions: 5x8-70lbs w/ 5sec eccentrics
Curls: 3x5-20kg

  • felt shite but something > nothing, the place where right hamstring attaches to the glute is seriously pissed off, wanted to do lunges but wasn’t happening, taking today off

@Brant_Drake just some ideas for variations on tartare. Thought of this when I was unable to get to sleep bc of noisy neighbours

  1. Salmon w/ spring onion, mirin, soy sauce, gochujang, sesame oil
  2. beef w/ kimchi, dijon mustard, miso, smoked egg yolk
  3. Tuna, green mango, gochujang, yuzu kosho
  4. lamb, feta, olives (marinated in olive oil), basil, cumin spiced labneh, caviar


Week 1: Day 6

50min fitness blender kickboxing and abs video

  • got HR up and blood moving, felt really good
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Nothing constructive to add. This is the so you can keep posting post. :slight_smile:

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Much thanks!

Week 2: day1

Squat: 5x4-175lbs
Conventional dl: 3x12-155lbs
Snatch grip dl: 3x5-155lbs
Feet up bench: 5x6-85lbs
Rope machine: 8x(1min+15sec off)
45min Pilates (done with cohort mate)

  • felt okay going in, squats felt heavier than expected but got it done, rest of it went well, and wtaf Pilates is hard