Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 2)

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Well I guess I’ve been given a new log.

Day 21(yesterday)

Paused squat: 1x5-155lbs, 1x4-165lbs, 1x2-175lbs
Snatch grip dl: 2x10-135lbs
Pendlay row: 3x4-135lbs
Btn press: 1x10.12-20kg
Conditioning: 12x(20sec rope pull+10sec jumping jacks), 8x(20sec cardio kickboxing combo+10sec rest), (50kbs-25lbs+50alt lunges+25pushups+25curls-25lbs)

  • felt smooth but harder than expected, was tired but did some conditioning anyways to not be lazy

Day 22

Squat: 5x2-195lbs, 2min rests
Lunges: 2x6total, 1x8, 1x10, all at 135lbs
Press: 3x3-85lbs
Btn press: 3x5-65lbs
Cardio: 10min easy on bike, 10min easy on elliptical

  • very disappointed with squat but I’ll let it slide since I technically squatted yesterday, surprised at press since upper back and shoulders pissed

Thoughts: I am very frustrated, I’m being very adherent to the calories and jacked up protein but my weight is stubborn so I guess my metabolism is just adapting down fast. My lifts are also still down so I’m fatter and weaker. I hate this so much. Hopefully I’ll make progress on the SBS programme


The strategy to fix this is counter-intuitive but VERY effective in my experience.

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Awww yeah Anna The Sequel.

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Going to talk to my coach about this tomorrow during check in

Do you have a specific agenda to cover? I like to write these things down so I don’t forget or get side tracked


I mentioned my concerns to coach and he said to see how I feel in a week and if I am still unhappy for any reason, he’ll increase my macros

Day 23

Good mornings: 1x8-135lbs, 1x6-145lbs, 1x4-155lbs, 1x6-115lbs w/3sec pause
db bench: 1x20, 15,13-35lb dbs
3x(20 ski squats+20 alt lunges)-35lb db, 1min rest btw sets
Conditioning: 12x(20sec/side kickboxing+20sec rest))

  • this was HARD and took forever to complete, right hamstring was pissed so I opted for good mornings instead of deadlifts, pretty happy w/ the db bench, the light leg work was a lot harder than I would have light

Day 24

Paused deadlift: 1x4-205, 1x3-225, 1x2-235
Carries: 2x30m(?)front rack carry/side-65lb db; 2x15(?)m overhead carry/side-32.5lb db; 2x30m isometric bicep walk-15lb dbs
Btn press: 1x12, 2x11, all w/20kg
Conditioning: amrap 15 min of (10 alt 1arm KBs-45lb kb+10 alt gorilla rows-45lb kb+20 alt lunges+20 jumping jacks)

  • pretty good workout and pretty intense too, paused deadlifts are a bitch but good to work on


  1. Cheese was on sale and I hadn’t had any since coming back to US + was hungry so I caved in and bought a pack. Will be going 600 calories over…. Oops
  2. Moving in 3 days!!! Really lucky to have so much support from the school. Going to take the three moving days as a bit of a deload before jumping into SBS
  3. I dropped 3lbs overnight??!!! Really surprising given high sodium yesterday + constipation. Probably Mostly fluid, but I still, it’s some progress. Given the overindulgence, I’ll probably be up a lb or two tomorrow
  4. Still bleeding…… turns out my insurance doesn’t kick in until 9/25 and no way I’m paying out of pocket

Todays work

Felt shite so decided to do do something easy

Incline Db flyes: 1x10,11,12-20lb dbs
Incline seal row: 1x15,16,17-20lb dbs
Lateral raises: 1x15,16,17-12.5lb dbs
Tricep pushdowns: 4x(15-27.5lbs+20-22.5lbs)
Elliptical: 15min easy

  • got blood flowing and felt good, worked upper body and got HR up a bit

Day 25 Last day before deload

Conventional DL: 6x3-225lbs EMOM
Snatch grip DL: 6x2-185lbs
Press: 2x3-85lbs; 8x5-65lbs EMOM
Conditioning: 10x(20sec plate ground to overhead-25lbs+10sec rest+ 20sec air squats+ 10sec rest)

  • felt pretty crap so did some light but more intense work, this was an awesome workout and quite happy w/ what I could do despite how I felt

Yesterday’s work

10min: 10 pushup EMOM
10 min: 10x45sec kickboxing combo +15sec rest
10min: 10 pushup EMOM
10 min: 10x45sec kickboxing combo +15sec rest
5 min: 45sec ab exercise + 15 sec rest

  • got HR up and really great pump

Moving update:
All moved in. It honestly feels more like a hotel room than a dorm room or apartment. THe area around is super convenient. going to be nice living here


SBS RIR programme Week 1: Day 1

Squat: 5x5-160lbs
press: 4x3-85lbs
Conventional Deadlift: 1x7, 2x14-140lbs
Bodyweight leg work: 4x(100 bodyweight lunges+ go up the stairs)

  • easing in and this felt good, killed legs

Yo. Is it working now?

Week 1: day 2

Front squat: 5x7-95lbs w/1min rests
Bench: 4x6-95lbs
Btn press: 5x7-20kg, 1min rests
Seal rows: 1x50-15lb dbs, 1x30-20lb dbs, 1x20-25lbs
Conditioning: 150m of rope climb machine-15min, hardest setting

  • legs were destroyed from yesterday but this went smoothly, bench sucks and the gym only has fixed racks, rope machine harder than expected but fun

Wouldn’t let me post bc too many consecutive posts by me

I had this 6 message issue too. I guess we need more friends who care to comment. :rofl:


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dang you guys putting in the work :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Haven’t ran into this problem in a while but my workouts have been far apart in between, so maybe that’s why


I think it because you didn’t actually start this thread yourself.

I’m assuming you’ve already scoped this out, but I believe your campus has two gyms so there may be differences between the two. For commercial gym options within walking distance, there’s an LA Fitness and Equinox (not worth the money).

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Try it now. You be able to post again.

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The grad school gym is only 3min walk from my apartment. Has all the equipment I need

I’m not going to attempt going to the main one bc it’s packed year round

My mum wants me to get a LA fitness membership at some point bc it’ll be closer to where she wants me to live after the boot me from the school apartment