Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 1)

Week 2: Day 1

Overhead press: 1x3-25kg ,30kg, 35kg- these felt unusually heavy and I didn’t really have the mental energy to do 3+
5x(5overhead press+12 lat pulldowns-30kg)- actually a lot easier than expected
Chest supported row row: 5x12-10kg Dbs
Facepulls: 1x15-10kg ,12.5kg,15kg - no rest
Tricep pushdowns: 1x15-12.5kg,15kg- no rest

I was feeling pretty crap so no conditioning.

Week 2: Day 2 Conditioning

This is yesterday’s training, I forgot to post it. I’m taking took things easy since I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow and will get a creatinine test

4x(20cal ski erg+4rope climbs+2min rest)
Overhead carry: 3x25m/arm-15kg Db
1 arm farmer carry: 2x50m-15kg
Technique: HS walk

Week 2: Day 3 Conditioning

Overhead Squat: 2x10,1x8-25kg
5x(15msled push-5kg on sled+15cal ski erg+15msled drag)
Technique: 3x8 HS shoulder taps

Week 2: Day 4

Front Squat: 1x3-40kg, 45kg ; 1x6-50kg, I could have done a 7th rep but form was seriously breaking down so I bailed; 5x5-40kg EMOM
Lunges: 3x12/leg-45kg
Thrusters (Too lazy to do conditioning): 8x5-30kg EMOM
Abs: 1x25 lying leg raises; 1x25/side- plank knee raises

Week 2: Day 5

Bench Press: 1x3-40kg, 45kg, 50kg; 5x5-40kg w/40sec rest - I was pretty tired and everything felt pretty heavy. Quite disappointed that I could only do 3 at 50kg
3x(10wide grip bench-35kg+15curls-5kg Dbs)
(50 HSPUw/(5push up+10 air squat) every min+ rest until 5min+500m ski erg)- 8:25

I find that hammer curls bother my elbows

Sub them for a similar movement that doesn’t

Week 2: Day 6 Conditioning

AMRAP 20min- (3bench press-45kg+6renegade row-12.5kg DBs+12 alt pistols (add 2 each round)- up to 28 pistols
Technique: legless rope climbs- got to 14 ft twice
Rower hamstring curls: 3x12/leg

Week 3: Day 1

Overhead Press: 1x5-25kg, 1x3-30kg, 1x4-35kg, 5x5-25kg EMOM
Front Squat: 4x5-40kg w/3sec descents+3sec pause at bottom
Lat pulldown: 5x12-20kg
Conditioning: 37min kickboxing video

Week 3: Day 2 Conditioning

Pistol squats (alternating)- 50 down by 10 w/ 5 DB manmakers between sets-14kg Dbs-19:13
Tricep Pushdowns: 1x20+ 3x10w/5sec rests- 15kg
Reracking dumbbells w/ (10 squats+10lunges every 2min)- every one was either out of place or scattered around the gym so this actually quite taxing

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I do this too

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So… My account was randomly blocked for the past few days… but, I’m back. Long story short, I finished the rest of week 3 and won’t bother posting the missing days since it’s a pain in the ass to type everything (I have a seperate paper notebook)

Yesterday’s workout:

Week 4: Day 1

Overhead Press: 1x5-20, 25kg; 1x9-30kg; 5x(20kg+15 lat pull downs-30kg)-1min rests
Chest supported rows: 5x10-12.5kg Dbs
Conditioning: For time- 50cal ski erg w/5 burpees every min- 7:56
Reverse flyes: 1x20+3x10 cluster w/5sec rest-5kg Dbs- cable machine for face pulls was taken

Week 4: Day 2- Conditioning

AMRAP 10 min: (5x(1manmaker+16 walking lunges)-15kg Dbs+max rope climbs in remaining time)-7 rope climbs
rest 3 min…
For time: 50m Hand stand walk w/ 3 burpees every break- 9:47
Abs: mcGill curlups

Got bad headache from handstand walking and totally destroyed

Week 4: Day 3- Conditioning

10x(10 bench press-35kg+20 alternating pistols)-18:37
Pullups: 10x2- EMOM
Technique: HS walk

Week 4: Day 4

Back Squat: 1x5-40kg, 45kg, 1x10-55kg 5x5-45kg w/3sec pause at bottom- 2min rests

  • I was barely out of breath and my legs didn’t feel too bad, but the hip shift was pretty bad so I stopped at 10
    Front Squat: 3x10-35kg- 90sec rests
  • I wanted to do 40kg, but I picked up the bar and knew that wasn’t going to happen
    Technique: Overhead squat
    Core work: 90-90 stuff for hip shift

@T3hPwnisher I noticed you’re helping samul with his training. Could you also help me? I’m doing 5/3/1 FSL with Front squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press and Back squat as my main movements.

Can help as best I can. I’m not very good about checking the training log sections, but if you tag me as you need me I’ll pop by and offer my perspective.


Speaking of which, what do you think of what I’m doing now?
I’m feeling great, but I’m worried that by squat and Bench volume are too low since I was benching 3x/week before starting 5/3/1 and was squatting 2-3 times a week before surgery

Are you worried that your volume is too low, or that your frequency is too low?

Change log name to broke student training pls lol


Are you improving?