Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 1)

Really wanting to IS the reason


Take the day off. It won’t matter in the long run. Might even be better.

Day 16

Deadlift: 1x3-225,235,245; 1x1-255,265
Paused conventional: 3x3-175lbs
Press: 1x5-75lbs, 1x3-85lbs, 1x1-95lbs
Cardio: 3x(4x(20sec kickboxing/side+20sec rest)+1 lap of fast walking)

  • this felt pretty smooth, still disappointed but technique getting back

Whelp… NOTHING is going to get done today

Horrid digestive distress and can’t stand for more than 2min

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Day 17

Squat: 1x3-195lbs, 1x2-205lbs, 1x1-215lbs; 1x3-175lbs w/3sec pause
Conventional DL: 1x5-215lbs, 1x3-225lbs 1x3-235lbs
Btn press: 2x5-65lbs
Db snatches: 5x2/side-45lb db, EMOM
Cardio: 90min weighted walk -20lbs in pack

  • squats felt really nice and so did the conventional deadlift, I actually think squat strength is fine but doing rep strength is not which is fine by me, I’m still having trouble with numbness when carrying the pack but I made it


  1. Had two very successful research meetings. Advisor has brought me onto another project. I will be very busy this fall. She also emphasised that I am not to take any classes that aren’t research useful. I guess this will finally force me to give up the econ insecurity.
  2. I’m not sure this low volume training is productive for me.

Day 18

Lunges: 4x16 total-115lbs
good mornings: 4x12-115lbs
Isometrics bicep carry: 4x30m-12.5lb dbs
Conditioning: 8x(40sec plate ground to overhead-25lb plate+20sec jumping jacks)

  • wanted something more intense, legs were fatigued from yesterday but got this done, legs dead


3 rounds of:
5x(1arm kb farmer carry to first mailbox and back (opposite arm), to second mailbox and back, to first mailbox and back), 1 min rest btw each set
2 min rest btw rounds

  • this felt really quick and fun, got HR up quite well

I wish I could just take a break from everything (academics, lifting/activity) for a bit without having to worry about consequences. Every time I let myself relax, there’s still “you could be doing x, y, z” in the back of my mind and I end up more “in debt” since I never have a valid excuse. Same goes with diet. I can’t indulge without thinking that there will be damage. It would be nice if I had the power to rewind time. Then I could stay up later or drink a ridiculous Starbucks drink without the automatic cost benefit analysis that kicks in
The other day, I woke up more or less non functioning, but the meds kicked in and I felt much better so I still felt obligated to get steps in and attended two research meetings. I’m very lucky to have a ridiculously robust immune system and very high pain tolerance, but sometimes, I think it would be nice to actually get a break


It’s worth focusing on this aspect of the wish.

You never have to do this. The worrying IS a choice. If we find ourselves unable to make that choice, we are most likely ill.

I know I was when I was like that. As I’ve healed, it’s been amazing to see how much of my behavior was a product of illness.


@T3hPwnisher I’ll need to think on this

Yesterdays work
30min weighted pack walk-25lbs in pack

  • gym closed bc hurricane watch and was really tired so did something short and easy

gym still closed this morning but hurricane over

Today’s work
Press: 10-1 w/50 jumping jacks btw sets, 55lbs
BTN press: 10-1 w/50 jumping jacks btw sets, the bar
Curls: 2x6, 2x5-45lbs

  • worked upper body and got HR up, was quick and fun

Day 19

Squat: 1x8 w/3sec pause at bottom; 1x15 normal speed; 3x3-2 sec pause 1/2 way down, at the bottom and 1/2 way up
Front squat: 4x1-3sec pauses
all done w/ 135lbs
90min weighted pack walk- 22.5lbs

  • technique work felt good and solid, went slow, walk was better than expected- got HR up and didn’t kill traps as much as last time

Cardio day

felt absolute shite, tricked myself into 40min of activity

eliptical: 20min
bike: 10 min
cable row: 5x10-55lbs, EMOM
Tricep pushdown: 5x10-25lbs, EMOM

  • got HR up and felt good to get blood flowing
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Day 20

Deadlift: 2x5-235lbs, 1x4-255lbs, 1x4-265lbs
Press: 3x2-95lbs
Front squat: 1x8-125lbs, 1x5-135lbs, 1x3-155lbs

  • is this much work? No. Was I happy? Absolutely, everything moved well. Had more in the tank for the deadlifts but SI was getting pissed so cut it off at 4

More cardio

100x(20sec rope pull machine+ 10sec rest)

  • felt absolute shite but decided to try it, got in a rhythm and forgot to quite, good session

@QuadQueen @planetcybertron @ChickenLittle @Spock81 tagging some of the ladies here for a TMI question. So my period started 2 weeks ago. Since getting it back in 2022, it’s been very light and short. This time it’s been heavy and…… still going……
I’m not expediting any other symptoms like cramping or moodiness but this is just strange

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Mine were always super heavy so this wouldn’t be surprising to me. You may want to talk to your doc since there has heen a sudden change. Just to make sure nothing weird is going on.

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2 weeks seems like you should absolutely go to the doctor.

Even when i lost mine and got it back, i never had one last longer than 7 days.
And that was ONCE.
Even when things were trying to become more normalized I never experienced anything that long.


I completely agree with @Spock81. Two weeks is too long, especially since it’s heavy and out of the norm. Get it checked out ASAP.



Econ server had a steps challenge, so……

Ignore the mileage, but still, I won by a solid 50k :joy:

Was pretty dead so did easy upper body work

Db incline press: 2x20, 1x18-30lb dbs
Db flyes: 2x20, 1x18-15lb dbs
tricep push downs: 3x20-25lbs
Ez bar curls: 3x20-20lbs

  • harder than expected but got some work in

Wow, I don’t get that many steps in a week. Did you have to do laps of the city?

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