Anna's Training Log Part 2 (Part 1)

@samul Here is my Training log

Week 1 Day 1- Baseline testing

Front squat: 1x6- 50kg, the last rep was horrible so I think I’ll use 50kg as training max.
Lunges: 4x10/leg-50kg
Paused Front squat: 3x5 w/ 3sec pause at bottom- 40kg
Conditioning: 5 min max burpee step up- 12.5kg DBs in each arm
Accessory: 3x12 hamstring curls w/ rower


Week 1 Day 2

Press: 1x5-35kg I’ll use that for training max
Bench Press: 3x10, 1x9 40kg- probably could have ground out that last rep, but it wasn’t happening mentally
Conditioning: 5 rope climbs+10 dips+20press-20kg+40 pushups- 7:09
Lat pulldown: 1x20 rest 10 sec 1x9 rest 5 sec 1x6

could I add a couple of sets of bench on off days to maintain frequency? I’ve noticed that I do well with more volume on bench

I personally wouldn’t.

I think that for now you really just need to stick to the routine and see how you respond to that volume and frequency. Further down the line you can make adjustments based on your results. But extra frequency for the sake of it isn’t probably what you need.

Also, I’ll echo what others have said in your thread: prioritize recovery. Don’t let training jeopardize your future health.

ok Thanks!

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Week 1 Day 3- Last day of freedom

Bench Press: 1x5- 50kg, the fact that my bench matches my front squat is sad considering I’m a girl
My gym got a new sled, so I decided to play with it
4x(15m w/ 10kg on sled (the track is only 15m)+ 45m KB farmer’s carry- 24kg Kbs) 2 min rests
Reverse sled drag (holding handles): 3x15m - 20kg on sled
Farmer’s carry: 3x30m- 24kg Kbs Every minute on the minute- wanted to go 5 rounds but grip gave out

IDK how much experience you have with sleds, but I’ve noticed I’m really weak at it. I read a couple of articles that suggested loading the sled with 150-200% bodyweight and push for 25-50 yards to improve strength. I struggled with 25% bodyweight for 15m. Am I really just that weak? The sled is really fun though!

Week 2: Day 1

Overhead Press: 1x5,20kg, 1x5-25kg, 1x7-30kg
5x(5overhead press-20kg+10 lat pulldowns-30kg)
DB Chest supported row: 5x10- 10kg DBs
Conditioning: 1500m ski erg w/ 5 pushups+10 air squats every minute- 12 minutes
Face pulls: 1x15-10kg,12.5kg,15kg- no rest

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Week 1: Day 2 Conditioning

For Time: 10-1 bench press- 40kg w/ (5 DB hang clean-15kg DB+20alt pistols) btw sets- 17:35
Pullups: 5x2 EMOM
Technique: HS walks

Week 1; Day 3

Front Squat: 1x5-35kg, 40kg; 1x10-45kg
Bulgarian Split Squat: 3x10/leg-17.5kg

  • I couldn’t get the hang of DB leg curls, so I decided not to waste time

Overhead squat: 2x6-25kg- I was getting a bit dizzy here
Abs: 3x(20plank hip drops+20plank knee ups)

Can I do a back squat day starting next week?

Nop. You either switch your front squat for a back squat or you keep the program like this.

Have patience, work hard on the lifts you’re doing, and you’ll progress.

Since I want to get into powerlifting , would you suggest I back squat?

Yes, if you’re going to be doing powerlifting, than you must back squat.

But do so only if you have recovered and can do the movement. If you’re gonna powerlift then you’ll need to Deadlift as well anyway, so you should really wait until you’re totally healed to begin doing those movement. If anything, focus on your bench right now. Turn this surgery thing obstacle into an opportunity: progress on your upper body lifts and when you get back to training your lower body normally you’ll have a headstart.

Week 1: Day 4 Conditioning

For time: [6x(15 1- arm DB thrusters-15lb DB (alternate every round)+15 cal ski erg)+ ski erg until 2000m]-20:50
Rower hamstring curls: 3x(10/leg+10 2 legged)

@samul I tried DB hamstring curls again and still couldn’t get the hang of it. I think it would work better if I had a partner, but I don’t. Any alternatives?

Exactly what part is the one you can’t get the hang of?

I can’t manage to pick the dumbbell up and keep it between my feet

I haven’t personally done the exercise so I can’t really help you on this. Have you tried putting the dumbbell in place on the floor and then positioning yourself so that your feet are around it in the correct position, as opposed to laying down first and then trying to get it into position? I believe you can find some tutorials on YouTube as well.

Alternatively, if you have a cable station you can use an ankle strap and do a one-legged version of the exercise with those.

Week 1: Day 5

Bench Press: 1x5-35kg, 40kg; 1x7-45kg; 5x5-35kg w/30sec rests
3x(6 incline bench-35kg+12 hammer curls-5kg Dbs)
5x(10 dips alt w/ 12 Handstand Pushups) EMOM
Conditioning: Battle ropes- 8xtabata

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good to see you training.

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Have you taken my survey?

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i have not.

Week 1: Day 6 Conditioning

10x(15m sled pushalt w/15m sled drag) EMOM
Farmer’s carry: 10x30m EMOM-20kg Kbs
10x(1rope climb+15 air squats) EMOM
Technique: HS walk