Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith’s son’s death not “natural”:

How many think this kid had some sort of a trust fund set up for him?

You put quotes around “not natural.” That phrase is not found anywhere in the article. I believe they said it was “suspicious”, which could mean anything.

How terribly unfortunate that such a young life ended so soon. The poor kid- my heart goes out to him.

Anna Nicole’s life is so sad, like a train wreck, and her son was along for the ride. I read he was taking antidepressant medications and it’s no surprise.

Not to rain on Anna Nicole when she’s probably at the lowest point in her life right now, but when you have children and you play, they oftentimes pay too. I hope to God that she learns from this terrible experience and maybe turns her life around, makes MUCH better choices from here forward, most especially for the sake of her new child, maybe things can be different from now on.