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Anna Nicole Smith



Damn, plastic surgery or what? She is looking pretty damn good here. No amount of plastic surgery can take the dumb away though.


Anna's been hot again for awhile. It's amazing that she could be, she was such a disgusting hog. Not surgery. Trim spa, baby. hahaha. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some surgery involved, actually.


I personally think she should win the money. It may not be "ethical", but if some old dude wants to marry a much younger stripper with giant breasts and leave her all of the cash, more power to him. Obviously, he wasn't too fond of his own kids though.


I believe weather he did leave it to her or not is in question, however, I think that's what the lower court concluded. If this is so, then yes, I agree with you, she should get the money. I don't, however, think she should be entitled to shit if there is no will or proof that he intended to leave her his fortune. Marriage should never be a lottery or business arrangement. I know that it sometimes is, but it shouldn't be.


I think that guy died laughing knowing that he had his fun, and that everyone would be fighting over his fortune when he dies.

He must have been a bit of a bastard.

What other kind of person (especially that rich)

  1. has no will
  2. marries a stripper 50 years younger who is obviously a gold digger

Well maybe you could forgive 2 but number 1, that is ridiculous.

I don't know the laws of the states where it all happened but imagine the courts will sort it out. Nevertheless I think she deserves something for her troubles.


He did have a will, and his son has been found to tamper with it and withhold this fact. Whether or not a state court has a higher authority than federal court is what's being argued in the Supreme Court. First, she was given half, then on appeal it was taken away...

1.6 billion. She was originally given 450 million, the rest to one of his sons. I guess 1.1 billion isn't enough for him. Has to have it all. How much is letting some uber old wrinkley living corpse fucking you or kissing you worth? Can anyone say "crypt keeper?" Ugh.


I doubt plastic surgery. She's still quite young. She may have had her face toned or wrapped after losing a lot of weight in a short period of time, but here face was never the fat part.

I find her more obnoxious than anything. Dumb? Not by a long shot.

That bitch has been relentless on this money issue. If she hadn't, the old fart's son would have steamrolled over her a long time ago.



Whoever dies with the most toys wins nothing...
Luke 9:25


It said she wasn't mentioned in his will, therefore she shouldn't get a single penny.


Let her have the money. Marrying a guy like that was suffering enough, she deserves compensation.



[i]He did have a will, and his son has been found to tamper with it and withhold this fact[/i] A tampered will is worthless!


You may be right, her face just looks so different. It may make a difference that her make up and clothes are actually tasteful as well.
As far as her being dumb, I still think so, if she did not have the looks, where would she be today?


There are a lot of good looking poor people.



Would you accept good looking and lucky?


Looks more like she's on the cocaine diet now.

I'd still hit it for the hell of it.


Women don't think so.


I'd hit that twice.


She looks like a female version...or a male version..uh..nevermind. She looks like Michael Jackson in that picture.




  1. That would be a Horny person.
  2. I agree, she should get something....not the whole thing, not even half, but she should get some. After all, they were married, and he DID choose her to be his wife.
  3. This is my opinion, but seems to me like Anna Nicole may have had Gastric Bypass surgery. It's rather common now, and also she lost the weight rather quickly and in the typical manner of someone that heavy does after having the surgery.