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Anna Kournikova Naked

Ok, so I cheated in getting you guys to read this post. I appologize. Anyways, could anyone give me details on a good clen cycle. Also, would $650 for a 126 i.u. kit of GH be too reasonable(i.e. fake)? I appreciate any help. Once again, I am sorry about getting your hopes up.

Your Anna heading doesn’t seem to be working (no replies). Well, I can tell you that your GH deal sounds a bit fishy. A good rule of thumb with GH is that there are never any bargains. GH is just flat out expensive.

Actually, I’ve seen many sources with serostim at around that price. Whether it’s legit or not, I couldn’t tell ya.

Yes, there is a chance it’s a legit product at a very good price (the price listed is by no means outrageous). However, I wouldn’t go after savings when it comes to GH. Six hundred, while a bargain for GH, is a conciderable investment to take chances on. You are always at risk when dealing with black market products (no matter what the price), but I tend to be a little more suspicious when things sound too reasonable.