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Anna Jordalen


if you aren't in love, something is wrong


Her name is Anja Evelin Jordalen.


she looks like she's at a beauty pageant with all that damn make-up.


I'm sure you can find one from here, Andy:

Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I think I prefer this:


stoitsov is a fuggin beast.


Thanks for posting that girls one alexus! Going to show that to a few girls I know! I'm close to getting them to try the lifts :stuck_out_tongue:




Maria De La Puente.

Do a search boys. Future wife.


just don't show the roided out women behemoths. That will not get a girl lifting, lol.


That video is a classic lol




It is hard if the girl aspires to look / be hollywood anorexic and princess helpless.

If they have / develop an appreciation for intensity of effort and athleticism then I'd be optimistic...