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Ann Coulter, Lovely Gal


She called Muslims "ragheads" at CPAC on Friday night and then mused "one time I had a shot at Clinton. I thought 'Ann, that's not going to help your career.'" Nice to see conservatism represented by racism and hate politics of the Michael Moore variety. She's truly a credit to the Right.


Nothing like racial slurs to make her even more credible than she already is. Too bad she sounds like a flaming retard.


There actually are a bunch of conservatives who have already denounced Ann's recent comments. I don't condone them either, nor do I see much difference between her comments and Hillary's gas attendent joke.


I thought that was a cultural slur? As in it didn't apply only to Arabs?

Anyway, it's of no matter. Right-thinking people should not support such a lowering of the discourse.


Racist? Not sure what you mean. Muslims aren't a race. They're a political/religious ideology.


No one should. But she is a big symbol of the right.


Calling Ann Coulter a "flaming retard" because she used the term "towel-head"...

Am I the only one who sees a problem here?


Imagine if she and Micheal Moore had a kid together.Scary


Would "fucking asshole" be better?


I just had an image of them in the act of procreation...thanks.


I'd give Ann the "Wakulla Pony Ride"

Get her drunk. Then get her in bed. Hop up on her on her back as she's in doggy style position.

Then whisper in her ear, "this is how your sister liked it".
And see how long I can hang on.


Actually, it was a trick question. Because Ann is a conservative, you can call her anything under the sun with impunity.


On the plus side, they might create a perfectly balanced and sized individual -- or destroy the universe as we know it. Either or.


Maybe fate will intercede and bankrupt them both, at which point an enterprising novelty-porn producer would assuredly enter the picture...


While I do usually enjoy Coulter, Shit like this is not good for conservatives. She's got to remember that she's a political pundit, not a comedian. Comedians are the only ones that can get away with racial slurs.


I'm imagining Moore all tied up in a gimp suit with Ann stalking his big ass and cracking the whip for effect.

"Quit wimpering and tell mommy how much you love the pain!!"


Ann could call me whatever name she wanted to and I wouldn't care as long as she was naked. I'm a democrat and I find her quite attractive & its more than just her looks.

I don't know what it is about that bitch, but I'd like to bang the hell out of her.

The more ignorant she gets, the more i get turned on.

Am I the only one thats attracted to her and i've just lost all control here or what?


I think she's hot,it's the legs.


Thanks. Thanks alot.

Now I'm not going to be able to eat for three days because of that mental picture...which is horrifying.


dude that is some twisted shit. not only does she look just like the dorky guy from my school who was 6ft tall in 6th grade and had pubes and a moustache before any of us , but she acts like him too. especially when she laughs like retard at her obnoxious self.