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Ann Arbor PL Gym


Does anyone know of a good gym in or close to Ann Arbor, MI. Preferably a Strongmna/Power Lifting gym. I would at least like some power and squat racks. But any decent gym will do.


there's a gym in chelsea or dexter that has several powerlifters, including criad gallo, working out there. they have amonolift and i think a reverse hyper.


I went to U of M, but I usually just worked out at the campus gym there (CCRB). At the time (I graduated in '96), try as we might, my friends and I could never find anything more hardcore than your average Powerhouse/very commercial-type gym. Of course, a lot could've changed in nine years.


All these Wolverines on the board.

B.A. '99

I used to work out at the CCRB and the IM building - however, the rowers had their own little setup off-campus - but the bulk of our lifting was tons of circuit training. No PL type stuff.


Thanks. How close would you say it is by car from Ann Arbor? I'll be a first year law student and expect to be very busy, so anywhere too far would probably not be too feasable.


How was the campus gym? Freeweights? Basically what you would need to get a good workout? My sister joined a private gym when she was there, but I really dont need it to look pretty or be that nice. So long as it has what I need.


Go Blue! How bout just freeweights, maybe a dip/chin station?


My training partner lived there for a while back in the day. Here's what he e-mailed me today when I saw this question and we were laughing about it:

"A lot might have changed, but unless you're on the FB team, forget it. Fucking hippies/UM misfits don't "do" strongman or Powerlifting. If you really want to find somewhere around there that approaches a regular gym, you have to leave the Fairy Land and drive to the country. You will have better luck lifting with high schoolers than finding an Ann Arborite that even APPRECIATES feats of strength. There are a lot of Starbucks and gay bars though!"

Good times.


Damn straight, Go Blue! The football team is going to kick ass this year - assuming they don't drop their customary road game against a beatable opponent.

anyway, CCRB would be your best bet. It's really close to the Law School, I'll assume you'll be living in the Lawyer's Club? Sweetest dorms on campus for sure.



Man, it's gonna be awesome this football season. I went to Emory for undergrad, and I've missed football way too much. My sister went to U of M, and a lot of good friends and my highschool girfriend. So, not having one, I adopted Michigan a long time ago. Yeah-I'll be in the Lawyer's Club. I'll check out the CCRB. I don't mind paying more for a quality gym so long as it's not out in bumblefuck.


Well-that doesn't sound too promising. Thanks, though. Hopefully, I'll find somewhere semi-legit when I get there.


I go to U of M too. Just finished my undergrad this past year in mechanical engineering and will be starting grad school for biomedical engineering in the fall.

I was on the gymnastics team during my undergrad and still workout in that gym...don't know of a good powerlifting gym though.


The CCRB (and again, this was 9 years ago), was actually just fine for my needs (mine were bodybuilding, not powerlifting, though). But at the time it had 2 or 3 real squat cages, a leg press that was really heavy-duty, plenty of benches, dumbells that went to 150, a couple decent Hammer Strength machines, all the basics.

I did plenty of heavy squatting and benching there, and there was plenty of room to do deads too, assuming you didn't go at the busiest hours. It wasn't shiny and spotless and pretty, but I wasn't looking for that, so I had no complaints at the time.

My .02, for what it's worth.


Thanks! And thanks to everyone else too. If it's still like that, and there's no reason I would expect it not to be, it will be good enough for me.


its about 7-10 miles depending on where you are staying.

Company: Outback Gym & Fitness Ctr
Address: 3045 Broad St # C
City: Dexter
State: MI
Zip: 48130 - 1120
Phone #: 734-426-2626
County: 26161 - Washtenaw
Website: N/A


Ok, thanks. I'll definitely check it out when I get there. If I'm not happy with the CCRB and it doesn't take too long to get there, I'll make it my gym.