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My ankles suffered a couple of traumatic injuried over the course of my rugby career. Now the rear of each ankle hurts like hell whenever I do any ballistic or explosive movements…and sometimes if I walk around for too long (2 or 3 hours or so). What can I do about this? Anyone have any ideas?

What do you mean by ‘the rear of each ankle’? The tendon, or the bone, or the heel itself?

This might sound obvious, but I think you should see your doctor and a physical therapist. I don’t know what type of injuries you sustained, but if you had any bone or tendon damage, then you need to have your highly specific damage addressed by someone who can examine your ankles.

Er…the tendon…the achillies tendon, I guess (its my only weakness, as well as his…)
if there were a line drawn through my ankles (so that it came out on each side) and one were then drawn to bisect that line, the pain would be through the second line, in the rear.