Ankles on Fire

Hey guys, i sometimes get this problem when im running. My ankles just start burning, i dont understand why? Could it be the shoes? I have Nike air running shoes…

Quite confused about this situation, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is it painful? Are your shoes old? Sounds like an inflammation issue.

I have this also. its an odd burning sensation but not truly painful.

ya its not painful, it just burns…

How many miles have you run in those shoes?

Do you have biomechanical issues? Pronation etc?

Are the shoes new? and how long has this been going on?

It could be your running form, are you heel striking when you run? If you are, stop it. Run up on your toes. The Achilles Tendon is the strongest tendon in the body for a reason. Also do some stretches and strengthening for your ankles. Use a wobble board and rotate your ankles 360 degrees.

I had that feeling once in high school. During soccer practice it started flaring up. I tried to work through it but it got progressively worse each day. I finally went to the trainer and he wrapped my ankles and sent me back out. There was no pain that day or ever since.