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Ankles of Mush


Went to the physiotherapist yesterday for ankle problems. Turns out the ATFL in my right ankle has been sent to a better place, and the one in the left is not very healthy either.

I would imagine this may be a pretty common occurrence? The physio lady said I would need an ankle brace for any type of sports. Has any one else dealt with this and perhaps offer some advice?

Could having weak ankles lead to knee problems due to instability?


I'm not a big fan of the "you always have to wear this brace due to this injury" mind frame. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but overall I think proper rehab can overcome most laxity issues. How did you originally injury your ankle(s)? Multiple occurrences of ankle injuries? Do you generally have laxity throughout all of your joints?

By addressing and correcting your ankle proprioception, strengthening and mobility you should be able to restore normal function to that ankle. To answer your last question, having a deficit at your ankle could lead to knee problems down the road depending on how the forces translate up the chain. If you lack dorsiflexion, you will most likely place more anterior shearing force on your knees during squatting based movements. If you over-pronate your foot, you can lead to a knee valgum position and cause stress on the medial structures of the knee.

Basically, having a deficit, whether strength or mobility based, at any joint can cause issues for joints further up or down the chain.


Many ankle injuries. The first time was the worst I believe. I was young, jumping off a snow hill and landed on the side of my foot. Got casted up.
Playing basketball, jumping over flower bed, tripping over a crack in the sidewalk. Too many to remember.
This last one was in Moab on the Slick Rock trail. It was a brutal one.

So, basically look after it, and do the exercises the therapist gives me.

I wear the vibram five fingers hoping they would help at least a little. They do make me feel more stable than a basketball shoe or running shoe.

Thanks for the response.