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Ankle Weakness During Squats

I just started with squats recently, I’m trying to bring my legs more in line with my upper body and so forth.

I’ve had several bad ankle sprains and I think they’re seriously limiting my form and the amount of weight I can do. All the sprains have been rolls to the outside part of my feet, but when I get really low in a squat it feels like the area on the top of my foot where the ankle meets the foot can’t hold me up and I basically fall over backwards.

Is this an area that my rehab possibly missed? How can I bring the mobility/strength back to that part of my ankle?

Is it possible that my glutes/hamstrings are so weak that that area of my ankle is being recruited to compensate and pull me forward?

Thanks to anybody who feels like contributing.

Sounds like just a problem with ankle flexibility. Here’s an article http://www.T-Nation.com/article/performance_training/the_essential_8_mobility_drills&cr= that has a bunch of good mobility drills. #2 sounds like exactly what you need.