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Ankle Sprain, Preserving Strength


I sprained my ankle pretty bad last night, though nothing horrible. Even though it was my left ankle rolling left, there is some damage on the right side of the ankle, especially if I try to put my ankle down or flex my foot down and in (medial).

I have rehab instructions, but I'm looking to preserve my strength in the legs and core. My right leg seems weaker anyways( I tend to cheat right on my squats) so I feel like this is a good time to bring up my right leg.

Im thinking one legged leg presses and some one legged squats, as well as leg extension and leg curls, glute raises. I can't really put enough weight on the left to do a Bulgarian squat, and my deadlift, squat and oly lifts are all out of the question for the time being.

im also thinking of doing some hiit on the stairclimber, which i think i can start doing in a few days.


Be careful!!!! My "sprain" quickly became a torn tendon and now two years later I am in rehab from surgery. Let it heal...the one legged stuff sounds good, but I'd stay away from the stair master. If you really want to try to get some aerobics in try the pool. But really, just focus on upper body and that one leg and eat up some good food. Good luck!!


where's the question?


any suggestions?