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Ankle Soreness


I recently started playing a lot of basketball - twice per week over the last month - after a few years away from the game and have been experiencing a ton of ankle soreness. The morning after, my ankles are very tight and a little achy for lack of a better description. Does anyone have any recommendations to help combat?

Ive been working in some ankle mobility & stretch routines a couple times per week in the mornings to improve mobility and started doing my short jog/sprint sessions at the beach barefoot as its suppose to improve ankle strength (and generally better for you overall).

Appreciate any insight anyone has. Played a couple pickup games last night and my ankles are killing me this morning.



Are you stretching and icing after playing? A quick session of lower extremity static stretching after playing, along with some SMR on the plantar fascia and lower leg muscular followed by a 10 min ice bath for your lower legs/ankles can do wonders.



I would look into the strasburg sock, and make sure your taking your fish oil. If you are playing lots of basketball etc, make sure you are playing on a reasonable weight. Basketball players dont need to weigh 200kg and deadlift 500kg, you know what im saying.
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