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In early december i received a plate in my right fibular (above the ankle joint). I have had my cast taken off one month ago.
I think the physios are shit. All they are getting me to do is single leg calf raises. I am also doing rebounder hops and squats. If anyone has any other helpfull tips would really appreicate it.

Check out; http://www. jumpstretch.com/ these are the bands that Westside trains with. My doctor turned me on to them when he saw me sprain my ankle while standing still, yeah my ankles are crap. They have very specific ankle rehab and it has been very helpful to me. They trainer I go to can actually jump through a card table and come down on the side of his foot without spraining his ankle. I highly recommend them, I bought the whole line and take them with me when I travel and use them to work out with in those cheesy hotel gyms.