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Ankle Problems and Squats


About a year ago I messed up my ankle really bad and now I can't bring it towards my shin with out alot of pain which makes it hard to go deep while doing squats. Is there anything I can do while doing squats that will give the full work out with out having to go to deep?


A quick way to fix the issue is to squat with heels elevated (put a 25 lb plate under each heel), but I warmly suggest you to do AT LEAST some mobility work for your ankle. If you can, try and get ART on it.


can I ask what ART is?


Maybe go and see a Sports Therapist / Physio or Chiropodist.

ART = Active Release Therapy. Google it.



I'll check out that ART stuff see if there is anywhere around me. I was in PT for 5 months and was just oked last month to start doing normal things but I was told by both my PT and my Doc that the damage is not repairable but is not bad enough for surgery so I guess I just get to deal with pain.


Im not sure whether Im reading this right but I guess you are talking about dorsal flexion i.e. moving your knees over your toes.

could you just squat wider so the shins remain more vertical? like powerlifters do, they have hardly any forward knee movement when they go to parallel.

Im just throwing things out there its unwise for anyone to make suggestions when an injury is involved.

But besides that ankle mobility or stick up a post in Cressey's locker room and see what he says.