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Ankle Problem

i dont know if this has happend to anyone but if it has let me kno. I recently i think it was yesterday have been having some ankle problems. Its more of a throbbing pain and it feels weak like it could break with a twist. I dont no if this is the cause of popping my ankles everyday or if it is from calf excercises but i was wondering if anyone nows what it is.

Well you prob did something to it it sounds like what couldnt tell you maybe on the calf rasie if you have weak ankles allowing them to bend and tweek to the sides.

#1 if it feels like a throbbing pain or any real pain doing something Dont do that.

#2 rest it let it heal

#3 if the problem doesnt go away get it looked at by a professional near you.

k, i think a good icepack and a cloth rag or something will help.

couldnt hurt, if it does stop :slight_smile: