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Ankle Pain


Anyone deal with ankle pain the day after squats?? For whatever reason the days after I squat my ankles feel mildly sprained. Now take it I was that guy up till about a yr ago was all upper body and hardly any lower body, except powercleans. Now that ive started the 531 and lifting heavy on squats my ankles start bothering me. Ive had ankles problems in the past, but that was 8 yrs ago due to high school basketball. I talked to my wife's sister who's a personal trainer and her opinion was I was goin to heavy.. I don't buy that one bit, just curious if anyone else deals with this..


1- Dont listen to your sister about anything involving training ever again.

I have a lot of eperience with ankle pain. I have no idea what your problem is so I dont know if any of this would benefit you but stuff like this made it so I could still powerlift, and walk for that matter.

I've had 2 petty major surgeries and will likely need more due to playing stupid football for 10 years. Search Dick Hartzel, the jump stretch guy, and check out his traction exercises for ankles. That shit is incredible. Relieves a ton of pressure and greatly helps with pain. Also, stretching in every direction with bands to keep it mobile has been a big help. Odds are, the reason it hurts is either something is tight or something is weak. And if something is weak, it gets tight to compensate.