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Ankle Pain When Jogging


About a year ago or so, I think I hyperextended my ankle (in terms of plantarflexion). Ever since, I've had problems with my ankles when I attempt to jog.

Thing is, as long as the distance is short enough and the intensity/speed is enough, my ankles are fine. But if I try to just "jog" (low intensity, farther distance), the front of my ankle starts to hurt like crazy.

Any idea what it may be or what I could do about it? I figured if I just needed some time off from jogging, it would have healed by now. Any tips?


Don't jog. Seriously. A good paced run is good for you.

Low speed jogging can be hard on the joints.
Run or walk. Don't jog.


The body isn't really meant to jog, but you should be able to jog without pain. Ideally you would check with a doctor that could be a tiny fracture or something.


Why are you jogging? Are you doing it to lose fat, for cardio, or because you have to?( IE police, fire, military etc.)

Unless you have to jog, you should avoid it because it sounds like you're aggravating an injury. Are you sure it's not just soreness from not running often? When I first started jogging, I had to stop every 800 meters because the pain in my calves/shins was too much. I just kept jogging, and after a couple months I was able to run 7K no problem. ( I do twice a month, only because I have to).

If you HAVE to jog, go see a specialist and find out what the pain is from. If you can do other things but feel the need to jog anyway, start off slowly and see what happens.

On a side note, this board seems to be against jogging altogether, so it might not be the best place for this info.